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does this garlic peeler really work?

this tube one?


or this one that looks like some strange orange?

or, do you have any home-made, make-do gadget?

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  1. I know the tube one works and the other is probably the same concept. They are made of silicone and grip the skins and pull them off.

    BUT You can get the same result just rubbing the cloves between your palms makeing one less gizmo in an already too crowded gizmo drawer.

    1. Yes, it does. I've had the Williams Sonoma type for a few years now, but I practically never use it any more. The papery garlic skin sticks to the inside of the tube and it's mildly annoying to clean. And I just find it faster to whack the clove with the side of my chef's knife or cleaver. I still use the tube peeler on that very rare occasion when I need whole, peeled cloves--but I frankly can't even remember the last time that came up.

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        When I use the tube-style peeler, I roll the cloves gently so skins come off but no garlic juice is produced so the skins are easily rinsed out (especially if rinsed immediately fter using). However, my garlic crusher will crush unpeeled cloves so I don't have use the garlic very often.

      2. I don't have experience with the tools you mentioned however I have a dollar store grater that I use. I've been using it to shred carrots, cucumbers,etc. in the slightly large grate section and with the finer section I use it to get garlic and ginger into smaller/finer pieces.

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        1. I guess you could make a couple of dozen of these from an old bike inner tube. I use a kinda bit of rubber mat to do pretty much the same thing.

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            I always just smash the garlic with a big flat knife...skins slip off...

          2. Another worthless gadget! All you need is to bang the clove with your knife, and the skin just falls off!!

            1. yeah, i know how to smash with the knife. but you still have to peel the "super-glue sticky" garlic skin off. sticks to the garlic and sticks to my fingers. the delay keeps me from my appointed task of using the garlic in a delicious way.

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                I try to smash garlic cloves just enough to break the skin. Then I grab the tip of the skins and shake (sometimes tapping the clove on the cutting board) and the clove pops out, leaving the skin behind. Much easier than peeling the skin off and dealing with the thin "sticky" ones.

                I have one of those tube peelers and I used to use it when I didn't want a smashed garlic clove. But then I got tired of rinsing it out, so I just go with the knife method. If I don't need a smashed clove, I'll just gently press on it with the knife to get the skin off.

              2. My Dad gave me a tube one decades ago. It works really well.

                You can get the same action for *much* cheaper with a rubber gripper - essentially a small (5"x 5"?) what looks like a coarse woven pad. (Got that idea from a Good Eats episode.)

                1. Yes. Crate and Barrel sells one too. Just put the cloves in, roll a few seconds, and the skins pop off the cloves. Rinse the tube under cold water when you are done to remove the residual skins because static electricity will keep them in there, and you don't want to put it away like that.

                  1. I have the silicone tube one and it works perfectly, but...I rarely use it. Smashing the cloves on my cutting board with the side of my chef's knife accomplishes the same thing in one second flat and I don't seem to have any problem getting the peel off as someone suggested earlier!

                    1. I love the tube one, and use it all the time. There's nothing better when you want to peel a LOT of garlic cloves. But you definitely don't need to spend $9. It's widely available, and I just got one for a friend the other day for $3 at a high end cooking supplies store.

                      1. It works, I got one free with another garlic chopper and it's ok. I'd rather just do it with my hand, I gently hold both sides of the bulb and twist and the peel just falls off, no smell on my hands or anything.