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Sep 20, 2008 06:37 AM

El Presidente in MSP or Hunting old cocktails....

I had an El Presidente( at Eastern Standard( in Boston recently. It was on their 'Prohibition Repeal 75th anniversery celebration' drink menu. One classic forgotten cocktail per month. El Presidente was the drink for August.

Now I just have to find a place in the cities that can make them and or get DH the components.

Has anyone seen this cocktail in the Twin Cities metro?

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  1. How I miss Eastern Standard...

    My husband and I have been searching for someplace that makes cocktails like Eastern Standard in the Twin Cities since we moved here from Boston in the spring and so far have not had any luck. We have had some good "modern" cocktails at La Belle Vie and the Town Talk Diner and my husband likes the cocktails at the Monte Carlo (I have not been yet).

    As for finding the components - we buy our liquor at Surdyks. I make my own grenadine (using a recipe I got from one of the bartenders at ES before we left) with 2 pts 100% pomegranate juice, 1 pt sugar and a dash of orange flower water. Dissolve the sugar in the juice over low heat and simmer for ~10 minutes until very slightly thick, then add one dash orange flower water. Cool and store in the fridge.

    If you find someplace that makes cocktails like ES in the Twin Cities...please let me know!

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      Thanks for the recipe! I am sure I can put it to good use.
      ES will go onto my rotation when I'm in Boston for work (it will compete with Helmand, Sel de la Terre, Trattoria Toscana of course) but I would kill for cocktails that good in this town. If I find something close I will definitely let everyone know.

      I may try asking at one of the Kincaids or say Prohibition the next time I make it into one of the downtowns for a happy hour.

      You'd think we would have a place which catered to such urges.

    2. hey when i glanced at r. hutton's piece in city pages this week i was reminded of your cocktail quest. maybe check out the lounge in the foshay tower, sounds kinda cool. . . if you check it out let us know!

      link to the article:

      p.s. a lot of the "old school" bars, which encouraged long lingering while smoking cigars, are gone with the smoking ban, but some of the hotel bars, places like monte carlo, jax, mancini's, etc. (and probably the lexington-- i need to revisit after a bad first time experience not entirely related to food) can be good for the traditional cocktails, though maybe not as scratch-made (talking about homemade simple syrups, artisan bitters, etc) as you'd like. for the record i don't rec the food at monte carlo, it's dead average.

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        So we ended up not waiting very long to try out the Prohibition lounge in the hotel W in the Foshay tower since we were both in the mood for a drink after stressful days at work. It was mellow (as would be expected on a Monday). We both had an Aviation. I have had them before without the Creme de Violette and liked them quite a bit. This version had less maraschino liquor than previous versions and a fair amount of Creme de Violette (it was quite shockingly purple and a bit more "floral" than I expected). They were definitely priced for a hotel bar (but huge - I would prefer to pay less for a smaller drink that stays nice and cold the whole time I am drinking it than 13 for a huge drink). I was a bit disappointed that they only had ~5 "prohibition era" drinks on the menu. Overall, I think it is a promising concept, but not quite executed as well as it could be. I would go back and perhaps sit at the bar to see if the bartenders have any other suggestions or could potentially make a few of my favorites from Eastern Standard or Green Street in the Boston area since they do seem to have the random liquors and juices required.

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          Well that at least sounds promising. Thanks for the update.

          We were standing in South Lyndale liquors last saturday when I decided to break down and call ES to see what specific liquor they put in an EP. Oddly enough only the Martini&Rossi light vermouth was in our liquor cabinet. SLL did however had the Creole Shrub Clement Liqueur that ES used. They had 2 types of the Brugal brand rum ES suggested but sadly not the white. So we will need to off to Surdyks at some point since most of our standard rum is dark.

      2. Last night we tried the Strip Club in St. Paul ( with another couple and we all really liked the cocktails - so far definitely my favorite place for cocktails in the Twin Cities. They have a medium sized cocktail list on their menu (a couple of classics and a couple of their creations) and we tried a couple of these among the 4 of us. I especially liked the Joker (gin, lemon, sugar and a good dash of housemade bitters). After this the bartender started making up and/or suggesting drinks for us such as a really good Moscow Mule with homemade ginger beer. We mentioned that we liked chartreuse and apparently the bartender mentioned this to the chef who really likes to make up cocktails and he mixed us one for everyone to share with homemade lemoncello, green chartreuse and a couple of other things I cannot remember, but it was delicious - a perfect balance of herbal and citrus flavors. Also, I really liked that the drinks are a little smaller here than at some places so you can try 2 and a half over a few hours with some food like I did last night and still be perfectly fine the next day. I would definitely call ahead for a reservation if you want to go before ~9pm on a Friday night (I am guessing Sat. would be the same) - we had a reservation for 8:30pm so it was fine for us, but there were lots of people that had not made reservations waiting for spots at the bar or at tables when we arrived.