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Sep 20, 2008 06:25 AM

Macau - A Lorcha or Fernando's?

We'll be staying at Hong Kong side and we're planning a day trip to Macau. My research has yielded A Lorcha and Fernando's as the ones that we should consider for a good Portuguese-Macanese meal.

I'm coming from New York City and have been to HK many times before, but it's a first time for me to do Macau. Which of those 2 restaurants should we consider for our day trip lunch? Or, should we dine elsewhere?


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  1. Also doing a day trip to Macau from HK! I did a lot of research on where to eat, and finally decided on Litoral for lunch and A Lorcha for dinner, after receiving feedback from readers on my blog post on where to eat in Macau. Also going to try to fit in a pork bun and some Portuguese egg tarts in between! Not having been for over 20 years, I had to rely on other people's recommendations! It seems Fernando's isn't that great now...

    Helen Yuet Ling Pang

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      The most well known stall that sells the famous pork bun is near the Food Street 食街 at Taipa called 大 利来; I think they start selling the pork bun at 3pm and usually sold out within 1-2 hours. There are 2 well known Portugese egg tarts. I can't remember the names of the shop but the husband's shop is at Coloane, which is 20 minutes drive from the ferry terminal and the ex wife's shop is at Macau Peninsula, so that is where I buy since it is much more convenient. I am not able to provide the addresses but most Macau natives will know where they are. There is another Macau dish that is less mentioned is Crab porridge, that is served in a hole in the wall restaurant at the alley of the Food Street. You can identify the restaurant easily as there are many photos and news clips of celebrities and politicians who visited the shop on its window. Also Wong Chi Kee's shrimp paste wonton mee is famous in Macau too.

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        I just found the name card and website of the husband's shop that sells the Portugese egg tarts:

      2. I prefer A Lorcha, though I think Fernando's is more popular since it is located by the beach. I have to wait for about 20-30 minutes at Fernando's when I last visited the place about 3 years ago. As I recalled, the food is good, focus more on seafood. If you are in a rush, then forget about Fernando's since it is 20-30 minutes drive from the ferry terminal. I am also not sure if it is opened for lunch.

        A Lorcha and Litoral are next to each other, perhaps just 10-20 meters away from each other. Both are good, but because of their close proximity and resemblance, I always get confused which one I last visited. If I recall correctly, I think Litoral has more Cantonese influence, and is my personal favorite.

        There was a review of A Lorcha by klyeoh, you can read it here:

        1. Fernando's has long been a favorite of mine and other expats. The suckling pig is awesome. But there is often a long line and if you don't go early, you'll end up waiting.

          Other places which may be of interest: Porto Exterior - serving excellent baked duck rice and of course bacalhau.

          Fat Siu Lau - more of a blend of Portuguese/Macanese and Chinese.

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            Thanks FourSeasons and Peech, I have all the addresses for the pork buns place and the two egg tarts places already. Am armed and ready for a foodie day out! Except that my mother has decided to join us, so I've had to cut the day short and forego dinner at A Lorcha...

            Helen Yuet Ling Pang

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              Sorry, I wasn't trying to keep this a secret. Courtesy of my friend and fellow blogger tasty treats:

              Tai Lei Loi Kei (300 pork buns from 3pm. Get there early to queue)
              Largo Governador Tamagnini Barbosa 18, Taipa. Tel: 853 827 150
              Near Cunha bus station, but best to take a taxi if you're travelling from the main island, it costs around 40MOP (approx 3 pounds) for the journey.

              Helen Yuet Ling Pang

          2. I prefer A Lorcha. I like very much their Arroz de Marisco - Seafood Rice. It is a must to try.
            I also suggest to go to Santos. It is very popular restaurant among the locals. They usually have very fresh fish and seafood, but if you prefer meat, their roasted lamb - Cabrito Assado - or lamb stew - Ensopado de borrego, are super. Here is the address:
            Rua de Cunha No. 20, Taipa Island,
            Tel : 2882 5594

            Another suggestion, and it is a must visit, it is Club Militar, one of the nicest dining halls in Macau. Must try their Bacalhau a Lagareiro or Bacalhau com Broa.
            Add: Avenida da Praia Grande, 795
            Tel: 2871 4009

            1. Def Fernando's - food is great, roast suckling pig and prawns with clam sauce are just excellent. atmosphere is lovely, you do forget that you are NOT in Europe. Have not beeen to a Lorcha but husband has and prefers Fernando's - so do seem most expats in HK!