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Sep 20, 2008 06:06 AM

Best seafood at the Jersey Shore (Central)

Why is it so hard to find good seafood at the Jersey Shore? I have lived here my whole life (Monmouth and Ocean Counties) and it has always been hard to find really great seafood. The most popular/been here forever places like the Lobster Shanty, Wharfside, Shrimp Box, Bahrs, etc are about as good as Red Lobster. I would have to say that Reds Lobster Pot/Dock in Point Pleasant is probably my favorite (both inside and outside) and, of course Doris and Eds is good if you have the cash.

I know there are some great restaurants with pretty good seafood dishes, but I am talking about a straightforward, everything on the menu is seafood kind of place. Thoughts?

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  1. Head to Manahawkin and try Mud City. It's about as good as I've found around here. BTW, it's a BYO.

    1. Although it's been said many times, many ways Shipwreck Grill Brielle is tops.

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        I'll second that. The menu goes beyond seafood, but the seafood dishes are definitely the best option. Great place, great food, reasonable prices. (and they take reservations...)

      2. =Mark's Law of NJ Seafood: The quality of NJ Shore Seafood is inversely proportional to it's proximity to water. The closer to the bays or ocean, the more the view takes precedence over the quality of the food.

        For straight seafood I like Rays in Little Silver or Navesink Fishery in Atlantic Highlands. Both are unassuming storefront establishments, but put their attention to the quality of their food.

        I know there have been negative comments here, but the one exception to the Inverse Law in my book is Doris and Eds in Highlands. They are pricey but I've not been disappointed with what they offer.