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Sep 20, 2008 05:57 AM

Anchorage, Alaska

Looking for recommendations for a nice dinner in Anchorage the evening before taking a train to Seward to board a cruise ship. We enjoy local cuisine. Lunch recommendations also welcome - we will be there two nights and a full day.

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  1. My motto in Alaska was, since you're going to pay through the nose for food anyway, might as well make it count! We had a great lunch at Glacier Brewhouse. I've heard rave things about Orzo (someone on this board posted about it a bit ago). For drinks - the bar at the top of Captain Cook's Hotel - The Crow's Nest - had a great view and upscale food options. We also stopped in Humpys for drinks and the bar called SubZero (in the same building) for specialty belgium beers and wine. In Seward, went to Ray's on the Waterfront which was definitely one of 2 clear choices in town and very well done - not so much the vegetarian option for my husband, but hey, it's Alaska! Moose's Tooth is another great brewpub in Anchorage.

    1. Enjoy Anchorage- I did!

      I would suggest Club Paris, Simon & Seaforts (view!), and DB Musky (a must do if you have a car to drive)

      1. Last week I ate at Spenard Roadhouse and had a great lunch! The vegetarian special was peroigi's stuffed with portabella mushrooms and other veggies in a marsala cream sauce. The calamari appetizer and salads were also great.