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New York Food Blogs? (Pro / Amateur)

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I've done a search but would like some fresh opinions, as I'm based in London and therefore out of the NYC loop...

Which are the best / your favourite New York food blogs? Professional or amateur, either is fine.

I'm looking for restaurant visits, news, openings, reviews, etc - rather than cookery / recipe based blogs.

(I already have NY Times, Grub Street, Serious Eats, Eater, Diners Journal and NYC Nosh in my reader.)

Recommendations greatly appreciated! :)

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      1. I like The Girl Who Ate Everything. She has me cracking up a lot with her writing. It's very cute, fun and light-hearted. And she likes to take lots of pics of the foods, showing us the innards. And she's a big fan of Pierre Herme (whom I LOVE)!


        And I also am a fan of Dave Cook's blog. If you like off-the-beaten-path sorts of items, this one's for you. Not very verbose, but to the point. And he posts upcoming food events around NYC toward the latter part of the week.


        1. midtownlunch.com (and I don't even work near midtown!)

          1. Thanks for the recommendations - some of these blogs are great and have made it on to my regular reads list.

            If anyone else is looking for similar blogs, I also liked:








            The new Feedbag blog is pretty good, and the Tasting Table emails are excellent!

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              (Sort of a shameless plug in) My blog that DollyDagger mentioned, The Wandering Eater is supposed to be: http://thewanderingeater.com/

              Dolly, if you're still around the forums of Chowhound, thanks for suggesting me!


            2. Thanks for the rec's!
              I enjoy your tag line: In a chaotic world of food, FoodMayhem is bringing order.

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                  Ah! I clicked on this link just so I could say Food Mayhem! I just read your newsletter on roasted butternut squash, pears and cranberries. I can't wait to try it!