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Candy you eat only during Halloween?

Candy corn
Now & Laters
Vanilla Tootsie Rolls
100 Grand Chocolate Bars

And you?

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  1. Twizzlers
    Mary Janes
    Bottle Caps

    I miss those crappy candy cigarettes of my childhood, too. Chalky goodness!

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    1. re: comestina

      We were at the Deerfield, NH fair, last autumn, and a guy had a table full of cheap toys and candy for sale. I laughed out loud to see candy cigarettes among the items for sale. Hadn't seen those since I was a kid. Would've bought some for old time's sake if my son hadn't been with me.

      1. re: three of us

        I would have bought all the candy cigarettes he had- I loved those things!

      1. ok - somewhat off topic but
        i HATE the change from 100 thousand dollar bar to 100 grand bar. the original name had a nice rhythmic meter. the new name is clunky

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        1. I will only eat Kit Kat and Reeses Pbutter things during Halloween (maybe easter too). Hate that waxy, funky taste most Hershey's and that Walmart brand-what is it Palmer? Kaaaaaa- gotta scrape your tongue to get rid of the taste.
          Do you make vampire teeth with the candy corn? We used to do that.

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          1. re: Boccone Dolce

            Wow! I thought I was the only one who made vampire teeth from candy corn! Glad I'm not alone (actually I still do it!). I love the candy corn, but ONLY Brach's brand, don't like the taste of the other brands, and ALL Palmer brand candy should be banned, all of it is nasty stuff that doesn't taste like it should. Blechh!

          2. Reeses and bottle caps, Twix. I don't eat candy at all really during the year, except for some dark chocolate now and then, but Halloween's the only time I'll indulge. It's just THERE in the house when it normally isn't something I'd buy at all.

            1. not sure what they are called but those little black and orange wrapped peanut butter things

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              1. re: mattyjaco

                Also made by NECCO, if these are the ones you mean: Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses Peanut butter and molasses kisses in orange & black wraps for Halloween


              2. Even though I love it, the ONLY time I eat candy is Halloween, but then it's open season! I only buy the stuff I like to eat to give out on HW. Nestle crunch, snickers, 3 Musketeers, milky ways, Smarties (sour-y goodness), butterfingers, m&m's, kit-kats. No almond joys or mounds allowed in this house!!! Off topic, does anyone know if they still make Clark Bars? (sort of like a butterfinger, but even betterer....)

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                1. re: adamshoe

                  Yes, Clark bars are still made by NECCO (New England Candy Confectionary Company). If you ever fly into Logan Airport, their outlet store isn't far away but I'm sure you can also find then online at a site like www.hometownfavorites.com

                  1. re: adamshoe

                    I saw a bag of miniature clark bars at my local Super Walmart a few days ago.

                    To answer the OP's question, I only eat those candy corn pumpkins at Halloween, but that's only because it's the only time they're available! They are fantastic for quick energy during long runs.

                    1. re: almccasland

                      Oh, that's brilliant. I love those mellow creme (candy corn) pumpkins and I'm sick of using Gu and Hammer Gel for my runs.

                      Viva La Mellow Creme Pumpkins!

                      1. re: Metalee

                        Yes, it was a great discovery! After Halloween, I'll use the dove dark chocolate squares (since they won't melt in the winter), and then when the Valentine's Day candy comes out, they make the candy corn cupids! Of course after that, it's back to the boring old sports gels. ;}

                    2. re: adamshoe

                      In Canada, a "Smartie" is like an M&M, except it melts in your hand, not in your mouth.

                      And someone mentioned those "candy kisses" in the orange & black wrappers? I *HATED* those as a kid; didn't like the taste, they practically yanked your fillings out, and worse, everybody was handing them out. We had elaborate trading schemes set up; 3 of those kisses were worth one "Rockets" (a roll candy) or a box of two Chiclets, etc. Much wheeling and dealing would occur on Nov. 1

                      1. re: adamshoe

                        Ooh- Almond Joy and Mounds- the day they make Almond Joy with dark chocolate, I will buy it any and every time I see it. Love them both

                      2. I don't eat much candy, but I love candy corn and I love that it's everywhere on Hallowe'en.

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                        1. re: Judith

                          Judith, I second the candy corn, Wax,sugar,and artificial color...What,s not to love?

                          1. re: jodymaryk

                            I third it. I also love the little pumpkins that are essentially the same thing.

                            1. re: jodymaryk

                              Hurray for candy corn----all 3 major food groups!

                              1. re: jodymaryk

                                I third this. I do not eat sweets any more at all...but if there is candy corn out, I might just have a few.

                                1. re: taboo

                                  Why is it that the candy corn pumpkins are so darn addictive???? And why is it I can only eat this type of candy during Halloween season? Damn them!

                                  1. re: mtngirlnv

                                    I only really like the candy corn in the pumpkin shape (I know...) but this year they are no where to be found!!! I've been looking for the past month since the regular candy corn started to show up and it never did...I'm seriously getting po'ed that I can't find pupmkins...to answer the original question, I will eat most candy year round, but this is the only truly haloween candy I search out...

                                    1. re: geminigirl

                                      GeminiGirl...if you continue to be PumpkinMellowCreme-less, send me an email dragongirl at gmail dot com, and I'll send you a bag or two...they are all over the place here. (couldn't find a private email addy in your profile so excuse the public posting)

                                      1. re: chocolateninja

                                        thank you so much, that is so nice of you to offer! I am going to keep searching for a little longer, considering we are over a month away from haloween...but eventually I may break down and be e-mailing you:) thanks again!

                                        1. re: chocolateninja

                                          you must have been channeling pumpkin candycorn thoughts my way because alas, walked into CVS for bandaids and did my usual pass down the Halloween aisle and there they were!!!! thnaks again for the offer!

                                          1. re: geminigirl

                                            Awesome! I *have* been abnormally obsessed with all things candycorn-ish lately. *gryn* Matter of fact, I'm out of the stash I got a couple of weeks ago (just two bags people! and some of it is being used for decoration!) and need to restock. Also, on a side note, I've heard to stay far, far away from the candy corn "flavoured" hershey's kisses...but the pumpkin spice ones aren't too bad. I kinda like 'em.

                              2. Candy Corn, only at Halloween.

                                1. I'll join you on the 100 Grand Bars. Love those. I also love those hard, pink, individually wrapped bubble gums that get really nasty tasting within seconds (the name escapes me for the moment, but they had comics on the inside wrapper). And Tootsie Roll Pops. Red ones (either shade of red) preferably.

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                                  1. re: Jen76

                                    Are you thinking of Bazooka or Double Bubble?

                                    1. re: Kate is always hungry

                                      Oh yeah, both of those! And saving up all the little comics because if you managed to get, like, 5,000 of them, you could send away for neat stuff like... um.. er... X-ray specs!!

                                      1. re: Kate is always hungry

                                        Bazooka! Thank you!!! I could not, for the life of me, conjure up the name last night.

                                      2. re: Jen76

                                        the really small individual pieces of gum I remember were called PALS. the flavor lasted for about 3 seconds then you had to spit it out. I used to segregate my candies and the Mallo Cups were my #1 fav.

                                        1. re: Blush

                                          Count me in on Rockets. Just doesn't seem right to eat them at any other time. Besides, if I eat a lot, they make me flushed and I start to sweat.

                                        2. gotta have my mellowcreme pumpkins and the peanut butter kisses. only time of the year you can even find them.

                                          1. Three musketeers (in fact, I don't even remember seeing them anywhere else...), Snickers (to me, it will always be an imitation Mars bar...even though it might have came first), those popeyes cigarette looking things..., twizzlers (I DO like them quite a bit though), smarties, caramilk, and Mars bar (taste better than a Snickers but I still won't buy them).

                                            1. Candy corn. I just bought myself a bag today and it's almost gone! Oh well...at least they are fat free.

                                                1. Definitely Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Rolls!

                                                  1. The little candy pumpkins.
                                                    Candy corn
                                                    Blow pops
                                                    And the little chocolate, candy covered balls, that come in like a little cellophane pack of 10 or so who's name I can't recall right now.

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                                                    1. re: Firegoat

                                                      "And the little chocolate, candy covered balls, that come in like a little cellophane pack of 10 or so who's name I can't recall right now."


                                                      Count me in the candy corn crowd. I eat way too much candy corn and then moan about it... "Why oh why?!?" Of course, next year will be a repeat of this year, and so on and so forth!

                                                    2. Candied apples!

                                                      First we visit the apple orchard and pick apples all afternoon
                                                      Then we get out the big copper kettle and melt our candied gems to liquid form
                                                      Wash, dry and poke our sticks in the stem end of each apple and dip those beauties until the very last one is done.

                                                      Then we wait 30 seconds and dip 1/2 the apples in coconut shred and 1/2 in crushed almonds.

                                                      About a month later, we all visit the dentist BUT oh what fun we had!

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                                                      1. re: HillJ

                                                        Okay, are we the only family still making candied apples from scratch?

                                                        1. re: HillJ

                                                          I hope not, but I know the only time I ever got them was at street festivals.

                                                      2. In addition to the candy corn and the bottle caps that students bring in for me, I get candy from students on the day after. I also have a nice glass of wine or two the next night to recover from the nightmares of teaching students hopped up and strung out on candy highs.

                                                        1. Ooh...lessee...candy corn (brachs only thankyouverymuch and I make vampire teeth with them too! *gryn*), those mellow creme pumpkins, halloween-themed Peeps, the Palmer brand chocolate with the crispy bits (rice? it's the only type of Palmer chocolate that I kind of like...the plain stuff is just gack), Smarties, MaryJanes (the peanut butter ones), oh and did I mention candy corn? *giggle*

                                                          1. Smarties, Sixlets, and Bottle Caps... especially root beer and cola flavored.

                                                            1. Bottle Caps, Brach's candy corn & Brach's pumpkins-stems first.

                                                              Hope the people at Willy Wonka see the love & start selling Bottle Caps by themselves! They're always packaged with Laffy Taffy here, and I won't touch those.

                                                              1. Candy Corn and the candy corn ish little pumpkins. When I as little, I would eat marathon bars ( the candy bar, not the energy bar) but I have not seen one in like twenty years. Does anyone know if Marathon bars still exist.

                                                                1. Ditto all, add to that-
                                                                  Other flavored Tootsie Rolls
                                                                  Candy corn (I love that stuff, but not more than once a year)
                                                                  Chocolate covered malted milk balls
                                                                  "Fun size" Snickers, Butterfingers, etc, escpecially if they have dark chocolate
                                                                  oH WHAT THE HELL- I LIKE A LOT OF HALLOWEEN CANDY!