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30th birthday dinner

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Any suggestions on a restaurant that might still actually have availability for 6-8 people for a Saturday night in 2 weeks for a 30th birthday dinner?

Looking for something upscale casual (no jackets or ties, but not a place you'd wear shorts). I particularly enjoy not too complicated, but well prepared and local food (think Blue Hill, Grammercy Tavern, but maybe a step down in fanciness). I was thinking Craftbar, but I've been there many times and would like to try something new. Does not need to be American food either. I'm open.

Thanks a lot!


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  1. Try L'Ecole at the French Institute. I've noticed that they seat large parties. It's priced so reasonably that your guests are sure to appreciate. And it's a nice atmosphere... although a little loud.

    1. Your best bet might be with restaurants that ONLY take reservations for larger parties: Blue Ribbon Brasserie, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Freemans....

      1. Try opentable.com I checked and there were a fair number of good options epically if you are flexible with the time. There is a place called The House that has rezzies. I first heard of it in another recent post. It looks really cute. http://www.thehousenyc.com/