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Sep 19, 2008 09:19 PM

what's open at Diamond Jamboree


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  1. oopps i didn't get to add a message..... is it worth the visit, or should we wait

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      Tokyo Table is open and the wait yesterday was estimated at 2 hours around dinner time. We made it in after an hour. Chae Bahn is also open, and decidedly less crowded.

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        Many of the places are now open, but pretty crowded (at least, at lunchtime).

      2. I went during lunch today around 12:15 and every single restaurant within view had a wait. Most were in the 15 minute or so range. The places that are open are
        Guppy House (didn't get to see menu but I saw ramen, fried rice and tonkatsu with curry on tables)
        BCD Tofu (same as the chain of soon tofu places in Koreatown)
        85c (Taiwanese bakery - had 5 sandwich and 5 salad options for lunch but mostly pastries, tea, coffee and boba)
        Chae Bahn (I thought this was Korean BBQ but they don't have grills on each table. Fairly small restaurant maybe 12 tables in all. Most tables were eating bibimbap or naeymyun buckwheat noodles)
        BBQ Chicken (similar to Kyo Chon except they use olive oil and the skin is more similar to American fried chix just not as much batter. Very small only 10 tables.)
        Tokyo Table (is open but at the far end and heard wait is long)
        H-Mart is also open and they have a food court inside the market. I'll check these out later this week.

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          Keep the reviews coming. That's on my short list of food places to check out. I work at Jamboree and Main and am happy to have some potentially new options.

        2. I've been to BBQ Chicken - went right after work around 5:15, the place was only about half-full so I was able to order right away, I ordered the combo (original fried chicken pieces and seasoned chicken pieces (I ordered sweet and spicy). It took about 25 minutes, and was totally worth the wait. Dee-licious, really I don't know how fried chicken gets much better than this. The batter was nice and crunchy and the meat was very moist with a good "chickeny" flavor. The sweet and spicy coating of the chicken pieces was, as advertised, sweet and spicy and nicely balanced. It's not cheap (IIRC this large box of hot chickeney goodness was $17.95), but it's a lot of food - could probably feed at least 3 hungry people maybe 4 less-greedy eaters.

          Also I've been to the 85 degrees C bakery/coffee/tea place now, and wow is it going off ! There are so many great-looking things to choose from, it's tough to decide. Among the items I've tried, was a paprika hot dog - a hot dog encased in a pastry dough with a heavy sprinkling of paprika - IIRC there was also some sort of cheese involved there somehow - weird but very delicious.

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            I went to the BBQ chicken place yesterday and had the spicy bbq chicken combo. I think I should've bought the wings. more chicken. pretty good but no kyochon. I really wish the prices were nicer too. there are some korean places in tustin as well. anyone care to mention places in tustin with good korean fried chicken? maybe those will be cheaper. the H mart seemed kind of small compared to the one my parents go to in Catonsville near Baltimore.