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Sep 19, 2008 08:41 PM

Coal Fired Pizza Oven in the Hudson Valley

I just found out that the Cosmos branch in Newburgh has a coal fired oven. Has anyone tried their pizza?

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  1. If you mean Cosimo's, it's wood fired, not coal fired.

    Nice but pricey...

    Haven't found a coal fired oven yet in the MHV... There are a few in North Jersey.

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    1. re: georgeb

      georgeb--A woman friend of mine who everything Italian told me about this place; I even called up the restaurant yesterday and was assured they had this type of oven. Well, based on your comment, I decided to again call them, and guess what?, they said it was a wood burning one. Oh well....
      FYI, there at least two in Brooklyn and two in Manhatten. that have coal fired ovens. I've tried them all and they all taste better than any wood fired or regular pizza oven. I strongly recommend that anyone who calls themselves a pizza maven try a pie.

    2. There is a coal fire pizza place in Hawthorne, across from the theatre called Sabatino's
      It looks like a scene out of the Soprano's but the pizza is excellent!

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      1. re: ktzap

        It's yummy... dingy place, friendly waiters (not always paying attention, but always nice)... I love the basic margherita and the white pie at Sabatinos. Favorite place before a flick at the theater.

        1. re: ktzap

          There is a parallel discussion called "Best Pizza in Westchester (again)" and Sabatino's is mentioned twice. I'm going to have to find a reason for going to Hawthorne and this may be it. It's about 70 miles from my home but when it comes to good pizza, distance doesn't count.

          1. re: jayjay

            It is very good pizza, but you should plan other fun stuff if you're going to travel 70 miles! If you like to bicycle, do North Country Trailway (miles of mostly flat, paved former railroad running all the way to Putnam County). Nice hiking/walking at Rockefeller State Preserve. Visit some of our local historic houses. Try some other restaurants, if you can fit them in and pending your budget: Iron Horse in Pleasantville, Stone Barns (a SPLURGE re: $$$$$$). Check out an arthouse film at the Burns Film Center in Pleasantville (or the movie theater across the way from Sabatino's, which has a broad selection of flicks)