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Sep 19, 2008 08:40 PM

What's your staple peppery olive oil?

What's your staple peppery evoo with intense flavor, especially suitable for bread dipping?

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  1. Right now it's an Italian evoo from Mannucci Droandi "Chianti Classico". (?) I'm also using an Israeli evoo from Galilee Village "Souri Variety"; also great for dipping but not as intense or peppery.

    I'd been asking local shops to have evoo tastings. Not too long ago a shop that specializes in evoo opened here in St. Louis with about 20-25 always out for tasting. (Extra Virgin, An Olive Ovation) I've learned a lot - mainly that I have a lot to learn.

    BTW - you can always add pepper! Please keep us posted!