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Sep 19, 2008 07:09 PM

Am I committing a cardinal sin?

For frozen fruity drinks like margaritas and daquiris, I use cheap rum and tequila - Port Royal, Old Mr. Boston, Montezuma - because the fruity flavor of these drinks can be so overwhelming. Am I committing a faux pas? How many of you do the same?

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  1. Simply put, if you wouldn't drink it on its own, don't put it in your cocktails. Frozen drinks made with the el cheapo stuff taste like drinks made with el cheapo stuff. Halfway decent liquors can be had for just a couple of dollars more. Cruzan is my go-to light rum for everything I make. It's usually a couple of dollars cheaper than Bacardi, and waaaaay better.

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    1. yes. you are.

      but that's what makes it fun.

      I'm afraid I disagree JK, I would indeed enjoy one of yours more, but when one is mixing so many flavors, it's going to get lost and frankly most guests wouldn't notice it (unless you're serving rocket fuel).

      I prob. wouldn't use those exact brands either (with few exceptions never use anything with "Old" in the name) most importantly don't claim they're something they're not.

      and fruity drink drinkers aren't really drinkers at all. "That is SO not hard-core"

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      1. re: hill food

        hill food,
        You are so right. Fruity drink drinkers aren't drinkers at all. Give me a beer and a bump anytime, for breakfast, cause I'm a drinker, by golly.
        Same goes for wine. I don't want to be drinking anything that needs its own special glass, cause, well, real drinkers would know why.

        1. re: TroyTempest

          LOL...Does drinking champagne out of a woman's shoe qualify? OK, it's Andre and it's a boot...

      2. If you're burrying your booze in a lot of mixers, go cheap. Last week I went to a bar I frequent and ordered a hand made Sauza Margarita. It was delish. I ordered a second one and watched the bartender make it with Cuervo Gold, which I hate. Keeping an open mind, I tried it and it was also delish. I asked if my first was also Cuervo and it was. I guess I didn't order as clearly as I thought and I learned a good lesson, as well as saving a few bucks.

        1. If drinking lame frozen drinks is a sin, then yes. Neither a margarita nor a daquiri should be "frozen." A margarita is simply tequila, triple sec/cointreau and lime juice, up or on the rocks. A daquiri is light rum, lime juice, and sugar/simple syrup. Some recipes call for some maraschino liqueur and grapefruit juice. Use quality hooch and stick to those recipes. And unplug the freaking blender.

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          1. re: craigasaurus

            Oh but those frozen drinks taste so much better than the original/proper when hanging out by the pool.

            1. re: viperlush

              Call me a snob, but frozen drinks NEVER taste good to me.

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                That's fine, based on your name I can't picture you drinking anything but wine anyway. And who ever heard of frozen wine? :)

          2. I know I am a few months late in responding. I also use the less expensive stuff for some of my bigger events. The last big party we had was Labor Day weekend; we had two giant frozen drink machines going with regular margaritas and strawberry daiquiris. It was a large thirsty crowd with plenty of designated drivers and extra sleeping bags.

            I figured there was so much food and alcohol that people wouldn't notice. Sauza Tequila & Bacardi Rum was on sell so that is what we used for batches 1 & 2, after that we just cleaned out the liquor cabinet getting rid of lots of aging liquor and made a frozen "monster".

            I still fondly recall the Vons Delivery person unloading 160 lbs of ice, 20 case of beer, 18 bottles of wine plus a multitude of soda, mixers, rum, tequila & whiskey.