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Best breakfast in Norfolk Hampton Roads

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Looking for the best diner experience/breakfast in the 7 cities. Do you have a favoirte diner? If so what's your favorite dish? Is there anywhere you can get really good hash or chipped beef on toast?

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  1. Favorite breakfast in hampton roads is a toss up for between Charlie's on Granby St. in Ghent or Donut Dinette on Colley Ave. Both are really good and both have hash and SOS, although I haven't tried it anywhere, too scary!! But everything else at both places is very excellent. Check out this thread for more info... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/483120

    1. I really enjoy the Sandfiddler on Shore Drive in Norfolk. They're only open for breakfast and lunch. Food is always good and hot, plus they're fast! Good locals joint.

      1. You can't go wrong with Charlie's for a good diner breakfast. I also enjoy the Baker's Crust, especially the California omelet with muenster and avocado.

        1. I just had breakfast at the LIttle Creek Diner in Norfolk and was impressed. Thanks for the tips and comments and if you are interested in my reiview of the place, check out my blog @ myfoodmyart.blogspot.com

          1. Mary's Diner down by the beach. And Village Inn on Virginia Beach Blvd. And the Little Creek Diner.

            1. Charlie's Cafe on Granby St. definitely has my blessing as well as the Ghent location of Yorgo's. Citrus in VA Beach off of Shore Dr. wasn't that bad, but I'd rather go out to Norfolk for breakfast choices.

              1. My wife and I always enjoy going to Waterman's for Sunday bunch. The ocean and boardwalk view is beautiful, and the sticky buns are amazing. We like the reasonable prices, the excellent service, the nifty store as well as the free valet parking. The orange crush is their signature drink.

                415 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

                1. Bloody Marys at the Thirsty Camel. The food at the Camel is always an adventure, but the Bloody Marys make up for it!

                  The Thirsty Camel
                  394 W Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503

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                    never been to watermans but def going to try it this summer! LOVE orange crushes! As for the camel, love it! IMO best bloody around (I add olives, etc)