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Eclair De Lune--new bakery in Calgary

Someone already mentioned this place in a chocolate string, but I wanted to second his suggestion to check this new bakery out. I stopped in a couple of days ago and had an excellent spinach turnover (would have been even better if I had waited to get home and warm it up), a neat dessert called a "Conversation," almond cream and raspberry puree in a puff-pastry shell, and one of the eponymous eclairs, not quite as good as the "Conversation" but still tasty. I didn't sample the other things on offer: croissants, other flavors of turnovers, black forest cake, many other desserts. They've been around about four mos., and the owner said he's a former engineering post-doc at the U of C. He chucked in his pocket protector in order to follow his culinary dreams.

Their address: 1049 40th Ave. NW

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, we'll maybe check it out this weekend.

    1. 40th Av and Northmount Drive NW Open Wed-Sun(forget the hours at the moment)

      Stopped in earlier this week as DD's preschool is a few blocks away - excellent meringues... had to exercise restraint and not check out one of everything :)

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        aren't 40th Ave and Northmount parallel? I have to map this I think.

        checked- a ha, Northmount does zig and zag eh.

      2. Best bakery EVER! I went and got a wonderful, wonderful cake. Definitely going back again.

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          Well, I am usually not as exuberant and use words such as "BEST EVER", however after today's visit, I would like to agree with you. This very out of the way bakery is worth getting lost for, on Northmount Drive or 14th Street, or on some side street inthis neighborhood before finding it finally....
          Small, very small shop. Size does not matter here, that's for sure.
          Le Pain au chocolat is unbelievable. Same for Croissant and the Spinach filled turnover.
          The "conversation" was also good, but second to the Viennoiseries.

          Check it out.

        2. Is this in the same strip mall as Puspa?

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            Yes, I noticed that place right beside it. Is that restaurant any good?

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              Apparently, Puspa has a relatively long history but seems to have fallen behind the times and lacking a real satisfying offering. More details and some images from a lunch can be found here:


          2. We finally made it to Eclair de Lune after thinking about for some time, and getting lost a few times! The idea was to get a dessert for a dinner party, but ended with with much more! I could just go in there and smell the wonderful aromas! Mmmm good. We ended up picking up chocolate tarts and mini-fruit flans for dessert ($1.95). The crust was so tender and delicate. The fruit used was pefect ripeness - no sour grapes or wooden strawberries! I also picked up mushroom/cream cheese turnovers ($1.95). These were so delicious!! They tasted just liked stuffed mushroom caps wrapped in a light flakey pastry. I couldn't help but eat one in the car and wish I had bought more. I also grabbed a couple plain croissants to compare with Manuel Latruwe. I thought they were just as good and much cheaper ($1.95).

            Now that I figured out where it is - I will definately be back!

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              Great & inexpensive - I must visit.


              Eclair de Lune
              1049 40 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2K 0G2, CA

            2. this place is beastly good, at first I thought it would fail (its right behind my house) but it's been around for some years now. best deserts i've ever tried especially when you consider you need to go to a fancy pretentious restaurant to get them as authentic as this, the offer some interesting savory foods also like tasty quiche. prices are abit high but understandable for quality and location. the chocolate mousse/creme brule are my favourites and unlike any i've ever tried in this dirt kickin cowboy city. support this place more, i know i will.

              1. Tried their quiche - delicious. Nice size for the price. Also tried a cheese croissant. Lovely. Can't wait to try their turnovers now.

                1. Oh I love a good bakery visit! Thanks so much for the heads up!

                  Bakeries make life just a little nicer.

                  1. I live near here, and we walk over occasionally. Our family's favorite is the mushroom turnover. So good! I really like the pain au chocolat, my daughter loves the meringes, and my husband gets whatever catches his eye. They have a good lunch deal. A savory, a sweet, and a drink for $7, I think (only certain items are eligible for the lunch deal). They also have a catering menu. I think they also now have a location at the new Calgary Farmers Market.

                    1. Looks like Eclair de Lune is doing well(woohoo!), and soon expanding to include a cafe. http://swervecalgary.com/2012/01/13/e...

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                        I'm beginning to wonder if they can even keep up with what they have. On the last two weekends I went to the NW shop, not even 45 mins after then had opened, and was told they were already 'sold out' of turn overs and alfadores. Really? If you sell out after 45 mins on a Saturday, wouldn't you make more to start with? Again, this has been on more than one occasion. I'm concerned that they are taking the bulk of the goods over to CFM and the neighborhood shop is left with a few dozen for the day. With that said, I did have a wonderful chocolate raspberry ganache instead.

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                          Dang. that's disappointing....growing a business can be difficult for sure. Sounds like they need to work out a few kinks.

                          This chocolate raspberry ganache what kind of pastry was it on/in? I'll be in Calgary Friday I'll have to put EdL on my list--I'm already planning to go to Salsita.

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                            Of course I want the bakery in my area to be fully stocked! But bakeries are tough. You sure don't want left overs.

                            The ganache is a little hard to explain. I'd describe it as a 'tiramasu' style. There were chocolate lady-finger like cake or cookies inside, very soft and moist. Filled with a creamy, velvety smooth choc/rasp ganache, topped with a fresh raspberry and a tiny tiny macaron cookie! So cute - individual size. Very very delicious. They were less than $5. I don't think I'll bother making dessert for my next dinner party ;-)

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                              Oooh sounds fantastic. Thanks TSAW... I'm having company Saturday me thinks I won't be baking this weekend :)