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Sep 19, 2008 04:27 PM

Santa Rosa/Petaluma- Regional Mexican Food Recommendations

I'm going to be in Santa Rosa/Petaluma tomorrow. Does anyone have any good regional mexican food recs? I've heard about Karina's, El Paso, La Reyna, and Lola's Market, but it would be nice to hear more about these or other places.

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    1. My first reaction would be to go to Antojitos La Texanita but Eat Nopal does strongly reccomend El Michoacano right down the street.

      Also worth hitting up is the Delicias Elenitas truck for Pambazos and uchepos.

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        Thanks! Do you know what is good at El Michoacano. I searched in in the boards and its sounds intriguing.

        1. re: kirinraj

          To quote from one of Eat Nopal's posts:

          "El Michoacano: The Molcajete, Camarones Borrachos, Shrimp Wrapped Bacon, Michoacan style Enchiladas Placeras, Beans, Salsas, Handmade Tortillas are all stand outs. Not cheap for a "ghetto" eatery (Shrimp dishes are about $15)... but the ingredient quality, superb execution & the loads of lower income families willing to shell out the $ guarantees the food is worth every dime."

        2. re: kare_raisu

          In response to kareraisu's post above: FYI/TacoTruckSighting/Etc: The past week, I've noticed that one of the Delicias Elenitas taco trucks has been parked in front of a furniture store building quite near the corner of Marlow and Guerneville Roads in Santa Rosa...caddycorner to the Safeway shopping center, right "behind" (or to the east) of the Chevron station. I'm not sure when they show up or when they leave (although they weren't there around 11:30 pm on Monday when I went to check it out, and they had been parked there earlier during the night). I'm hoping to check it out soon and keeping my fingers crossed for some champurrado now that the weather has turned chilly. (-: