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Sep 19, 2008 04:18 PM

I need a Wally's burger! (Vancouver)

I have been dreaming of a Wally's burger for almost 2 years. Now that we are back in Vancouver, just went over there to find they are gone. Wow, my husband has been going there since he was a kid. His dad went there since he was a kid. Where will I get a burger now?

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  1. Ah yes Wally's will be missed. I don't know any places that are old-school like Wally's...perhaps one of the newer fangled burger joints like Vera's, Splitz, or Moderne? My favourite place is Market Grill on Granville Island.

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    1. re: fmed

      It was the sauce and the buns plus the meat was good too! Vera's is good but its not the same type of burger. Is Market Grill the place that also has the fantastic croissant breakfast sandwiches?

      1. re: foodsnobz

        I believe it's on the Western corner of the main food court - (near the Stock Market).

    2. I've never had a Wally's burger, so I can't compare... but I have to put in a good word for Moderne Burger. Their meat is juicy and perfectly seasoned... and I love their buns, which are toasted and slightly egg-y in flavour.

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        My September hunt is for the best burger in Vancouver. I miss Wally and their banana milk shakes. I just went to Save on Meats for a burgers, its a lot bigger but great.
        pics on

      2. lol i still drive by there and think its gonna be back but it never is :(

        but yea i will say ive tried most places, nothing compares to Wally's :( sad really

          1. re: fmed

            A chain of Wally's??? Hmm, me skeptical! Thanks for that though, fmed!

            1. re: ck1234

              Me too....Now if they go 'old-school' with hand-formed, fresh-ground patties, real dipped milkshakes, etc then consider me a future customer.

              If they merely purchased the rights to the name and use McBurger methods...then I'm not interested.

          2. Wally Burger is now running the concession stand in Cates Park in North Vancouver. All the same great burgers can be found there.

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            1. re: cmcg211

              If im not mistaken they operate out of the New West River Market. I am not a Wally's loyalist by any means but it looks like I should. I also saw the same signage when paddle boarding in Deep Cove in the summer. Looks like you are not out of luck.