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Sep 19, 2008 04:16 PM

Best Value Dim Sum in Markham/Scar.

After going through all the dim sum threads I still can't decide.

Seems like places like Ambassador and Dragon Dynasty are expensive. While Ruby is cheap but not so good.

What is your recommendation for Sunday dim sum for a group of newbies and non newbies?

Looking for good food, good price, that won't break the bank. I really like Kim Moon but won't be able to head downtown for Sunday. Hope that helps... oh and carts please.

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  1. Perfect is amazing and totally cheap. It's on Sheppard Ave. I think around Brimley,,, but I can't totally remember.


    1. If you don't like Ruby...don't even think about trying Perfect (there's something about the smell of that place that turns me off).

      Perhaps, Celestial Court or Ginger and Onion at Market Village? There's also a place on Woodbine just south of Hwy 7...can't remember the name of it though. Also, Celestial Court has a sister restaurant across from the Costco on Woodbine.

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        Spring Villa on woodbine/north of steeles... fixed prices for all dishes before 11:30am or so on a sunday. Show up early, like 9:30am to secure a table. No carts though.

        The Celestial court one is not cheap, plus it's also no carts. Ginger and Onion is a good bet for safe and cheap dim sum, w/ carts I believe.

        1. re: Royaljelly

          Best value has to be the one at Kennedy and 14th - do not know English name. But $1.50 per item before 11am.

          Another one is the one at Midland and Finch next to the Vietnamese noodle shop. $1.80. Both restaurants are steam to order. I find both much better than Ruby, which we used to go to all the time.

      2. Okay - me, I think Ginger and Onion is your best bet. They've got some standard dim sum made nice.. and at a reasonable price. There's the hustle and bustle that you want, and plus the carts too, that make it more authentic than ticking off the list.

        Spring Villa - the time you need to be there is before 10:45am, not 11:30am. You must submit your dim sum tick sheet before 10:45am to receive the bargain pricing.. That one's at Woodbine and Denison. Good quality dim sum though. Love their calamari.

        Midland and Finch beside the Vietnamese noodle place - that one's in the same family as the Casa's. From what everyone's been saying, Casa Imperial and Casa Victoria are among the ones up there.. but not sure about the one at Midland and Finch...

        Ruby - I dont know.. It's a big place, with very little personality, IMHO. BokChoi would disagree. But, that's BokChoi's opinion. :) I prefer Ginger and Onion more.. smaller, more yelling, more true to what dim sum really is all about. And afterwards, you could take the newbies to PMall!