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Sep 19, 2008 04:12 PM

Carusos Market Chestnut Hill RIP

What Happenned?

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  1. They are having some issues with money. It sounds like the new owner hasn't paid interest on his loan for several months now. The Chestnut Hill Local had a story this week but it didn't mention the unexpected closure...perhaps because it happened on Tuesday and the story had already been written at that point.

    1. Wow. That's something. The owner seemed to have these plans to improve it. Maybe he just needs to regroup?

      1. Sad news. I understand there are plenty of people who like to just walk to the market and not have to deal with cars or buses or trains. I didn't shop there much but I was always happy with what I got and the way I was treated. I remember there being two markets in Doylestown. One was very close to us and let my mom run a tab. She was always sending me there to get one or two things she needed. That one closed down but the one on state street hung on a good bit longer.I sure hope a market reopens there for the good of the neighborhood. I am still mourning the locked doors of Vidalia in Lansdale although I am apparently mostly alone in this. Small markets that sell meat and produce and such right in town are great. For one thing you don't get that overwhelmed feeling like you do in the big stores that are taking away business from the small operations. Heavy sigh.

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          While the prices were high and the selection was at times iffy, it was very convenient to be able to walk somewhere to buy milk (only place on the Hill that sold Lactaid milk) and a few other essentials. It's especially disappointing since the Wawa on Highland Avenue went out of business last summer and the Mount Airy Wawa isn't that easy to get to due to the Germantown Avenue construction. I hope something good comes in to replace it if they can't reopen.

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            I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Seems like if CH is a living entity it just lost a vital organ.

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            I know that Trolley Car Diner started a new Deli section. They have a large selection of fresh deli meats, cheese, fish, beer as well as olives, bread, bagels, spreads, dairy, etc. Plus, you can pick up your take out order at the same time. It's great since it's close by and walking distance plus no busy super market feel. I've also ordered some catering platters from their Deli and they are reasonably priced and yummy! They have their menus posted on their site:

          3. *sigh* I was born and raised in CH and it saddens me that every time I go back another childhood favorite has dissapeared. My family and I used to go to Carusos all the time and we knew we could count on Kay at the meat counter to give us a great cut for our Christmas dinner. I don't know what we are going to do this year.....

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              I saw a bakery bit the dust on this board too. Didn't feel comfortable commenting since I never went there but I hate it that the little neighborhood places are going belly up. Maybe someone will step up and take over Carusos.

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                Givemecarbs...are you referencing a bakery in Chestnut Hill? I think they are all alive and kicking but please share if you know something I don't...

                1. re: Laura D.

                  No thank goodness. CH has taken enough of a hit with the market closing. I was referencing this post; Rindelaub's Bakery Closed I just hate to see any local bakery close. Sniff.

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                    Ah yes, my mom has been mourning the death of Rindelaub's for a couple of years now. They had amazing cream donuts among other things