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Sep 19, 2008 04:00 PM

Alcohol-free beer can chicken?

Does this work with alcohol-free beer? Please advise...

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  1. I would assume so, since it works just as well with a can of pop.

    1. cakegirl, my brother is a big beer can chicken fan; including entering a few bbq contests and when this specific chicken preparation hit the circuit everyone tried to reinvent the wheel..namely, what besides beer can be used.

      The current favorite is using Doctor Pepper soda if you like a sweet grill taste and lemon-lime soda if you like a tangy taste. The web has entire sites with recipes devoted to vertical chicken grilling including beer can chicken ideas.


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        I've had it with root beer, too, along the lines of Dr. Pepper.

      2. Something we love to do is Cornish Game Hens with those little cans of pineapple juice. Comes out great every time.

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          Do you baste with the pineapple juice?

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            I don't think we've ever bothered, but I might try it next time. That's a great idea.

        2. if you are cooking for someone who cannot have alcohol for medical/health reasons, DO NOT use nonalcoholic beer.

          nonalcoholic beer has a small amount of alcohol. legally, you cannot buy nonalcoholic beer if you are not of age -- because it *is* an alcoholic beverage.

          a close family member cannot have alcohol -- even NA beer.

          I'd suggest using Dr. Pepper or another dark soda.

          1. Any liquid will do - even water! Check out - that guy ran a taste test of beer can chickens with and without beer and his conclusion was that the liquid in the can did not transfer its taste to the chicken.

            I've used beer, I've taken an empty rinsed beer can and partially filled with a mixture of water, lemon juice, garlic, and the rub I used on the chicken, and I've used plain water and really can't detect much difference. Certainly not enough to cause any angst!