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Sep 19, 2008 03:06 PM

LA Hound coming to Florida - HELP

In December. Need some eats 1) in West Palm Beach & Ft. Lauderdale

2) In Miami. Interested in Cuban, Floribbean, whatever is done best there.

BTW, how are Normans and Michys? There used to be a Normans in LA that I ate at alot, but it went under.

Thx Hounds! I know NOTHING about Florida eats.

Adam de LA

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  1. Michys is great. There is no normans in miami anymore.
    in miami try (in no particular order)
    Michaels Genuine
    Grazianos Bird Rd is best, in Grazianos in Gables is second Baires is a very close third for argentinian steak house.
    Francesco -peruvian

    I intentionally stayed away from italian though we are pretty strong there because so are you. We are not even close sushi wise. We have better pizza than you on average but nothing out of this world that I would go out of my way to visit.

    I will let other people tell you what cuban to go to as it is not my strongest cuisine. But I will say that I think the cuban in NYC beats ours and that ours, ironically, is overrated.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Excellent advice, thank you. Yeah, no sushi or Mexican. LA rules this.

      I will indeed take your recs. Thx. ad-

      1. re: Adsvino

        Sushi, mexican, chinese and deli are all much worse here. Stay away especially from Jerrys which the LA location is far far superior (not that LA's version is amazing or anything- miami's is atrocious)

        1. re: tpigeon

          You would think deli would be great, given all the alter kockers in Florida!

      2. re: tpigeon

        By NYC do you mean "New York City"?

        If so, what are you smokin?

        1. re: Little T.

          Haven't eaten Cuban in NYC, but our Cuban is overrated. It's the old "nobody comes close to my mother's cooking argument". The problem is, for the most part, no one comes close to any grandmother or mother I know's cooking (except the ones that can't cook). We don't have a whole lot of great Cuban cooking in Miami either. Then again, if you paid $20 a dish for cuban food people would be up in arms. paradox, I know

          1. re: Little T.

            Sorry, I don't smoke. Please tell me of any cuban restaurant that beats margon and cafe habana in miami.

        2. Whoops, the roman style pizza at matarello is pretty amazing - forgot about that one. They are new.

          1. don't forget Delray - search in CH and you will find all the recommendations

            1. there's a cafe boulud in west palm
              michy's, michael's, talula are definitely the oft-mentioned classic foodie chowhounder faves for miami, also azul
              michael's -- i.e. pork belly watermelon salad
              michy's -- i.e. white gazpacho, bread pudding
              talula -- i.e. seafood bouillabaisse

              some less formal eats that stick out to locals in miami:
              Cerro Negro -- Nicaraguan
              MAO Colombian -- super hamburger
              El Rey De Las Fritas -- cuban frita hamburger
              El Rey de Chivito -- uruguayan chivito sandwich
              Chef Creole -- conch stew/fritters
              Honduras Maya -- baleadas
              Fritanga Monimbo -- pitahaya juice
              Aromas Del Peru -- cheaper peruvian than Francesco
              El Atlakat on NW 7th -- pupusas de chicharron y revuelto
              Islas Carnarias -- cuban
              La Moon -- late night colombian eats
              El Palacio de los Jugos -- interesting place to check out
              Karlo bakery -- cuatro leches
              Xixon -- tapas, jamon iberico
              Ideas -- nicer tapas place, i.e. chef's broken eggs

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              1. re: ankimo

                Great. Any Cuban with great ambiance?

                1. re: Adsvino

                  Mango's is the popular toursty place (few locals go). Also Larios on the Beach. In the Gables, maybe Las Vegas (chain), Havana Harry's (great masitas de puerco and palomilla, at least they used to be). For much touted Floribbean in the area, try Ortanique.

                  Edit: forgot to add, if you want to see a bunch of older dudes in guayaberas eating cuban food, the incredibly odd sight (in Miami) of bus loads of Japanese tourists, try the oh so famous Versailles Restaurant. Nothing out of this world, but an experience.

                  Ortanique On the Mile
                  278 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

                  Larios On the Beach
                  820 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

                  Havana Harry's
                  4612 S Le Jeune Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33146

                  Las Vegas Restaurant
                  112 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134

                  Mango's Tropical Cafe
                  900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

                  1. re: Adsvino

                    Versailles (not same owners at L.A. Versailles chain) just for the Cubanazo experience, but the food's not that great. Havanna Harry's for better food and the big Cuban family atmosphere.

                      1. re: lax2mia

                        Versailles for the classic cuban ambiance inundation
                        La Carreta for the Denny's cuban experience
                        Las Culebrinas for the more upscale appearing cuban
                        Havana Harry's for local popular cuban
                        Larios for Ocean Drive kinda cuban, go for Casa Larios instead
                        David's cafe for off Lincoln road expensive cuban
                        Puerto Sagua for most popular tourist's cuban place
                        Islas Canarias for less talked about good cuban
                        Sergio's for homestyle cuban
                        El Nuevo Siglo for cuban in a supermarket
                        Little Havana NMB for off the beaten path cuban
                        Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop
                        of course, many other places as well...

                        1. re: ankimo

                          I'm bookmarking this great taxonomy of Miami Cuban options.

                          1. re: Frodnesor

                            Then let's not forget Ay Mama Ines for slightly more casero Cuban with modern touches. When they're good, they're very good. When they're not, you wish you saved your money at Larios or Carreta. Is Larios still Cuban food cheap or has it caught up to American restaurants?

                            Ay Mama Inez Restaurant
                            11481 SW 40th St, Miami, FL

                            1. re: Icantread

                              Lario's prices are creeping up (but they are everywhere) but they have the Cuban fried chicken dish that I've tried in MIA. It's enough for 2 people and I believe it's around $13.

                    1. re: ankimo

                      Boulud is great. Excellent drinks as well. It's located in the Brazilian Court, a very cute boutique hotel shouting distance from the Breakers. Wake up on a Sunday and head over to the beach then make it to their brunch. Great value compared to dinner. Also there's a Cafe Chardonnay over there that is pretty good, though may not appeal to a California native. I have also heard some very good things about Forte Di Aspirino but have not been. There's more places, but am not so familiar with the area

                      I'd also recommend the hot dog and the corn in Mao and DO NOT tell them to leave anything out. Just trust us on this one. I also consider it superior to La Moon, but not as well located. At Rey de las Fritas, ask for a batido de mamay. it's part of the experience. There's also an Atlakat on bird and 95th avenue that is quite good. Cheap eats at great value, though I doubt it's well located for your trip.

                      Cafe Chardonnay
                      4533 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

                      Cafe Boulud
                      301 Australian Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480

                      Forte Restaurant
                      225 Clematis St West, Palm Beach, FL

                    2. Saporrisimo is an unparalleled taste-trip to Tuscany, in Boca Raton (between West Palm and Ft. Lauderdale). Cafe Maxx, in Ft. Lauderdale/Lighthouse By The Sea, is an easy experience of phenomenal food and obscene pampering. Boulud's in WPB is okay, but not necessarily a favorite (too traditional). Bourbon Steak, Michael Mina's restaurant in Aventura/North Miami, is a superb, nouveau flavor explosion.

                      Just some norther-ly thoughts... hope this helps... :)