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Sep 19, 2008 02:43 PM

Good Cake Bakeries in Central MA

Hello all,

I live in the seemingly foodie-free area of Acton/Concord/Chelmsford and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a bakery where I can get a good birthday cake.

Anywhere ranging from Lowell/Chelmsford down to Hudson would be the desired area of search.

Paul's Bakery (long since gone) in Maynard used to be one of my favorites for a good cake, but they've been gone for quite a few years now, and I have no idea where to go.

The new Sweet Bites Cafe (West Acton, MA), which is in the location where the Contintental Cafe used to be has EXCELLENT little cakes and other confections, however they seem to only make small treats (for a relatively premium price, however it is so worth it!).

I'm looking for something that can feed 4 or so people plus leftovers (I figured a typical 8" round would be what I'd end up getting, but I have an open mind).

Any ideas?
Doesn't have to be too fancy, but definitely has to be yummy.

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  1. http://www.concordchamberofcommerce.o...

    check this website.. I've had cakes from Concord Teacakes, Nashoba Brook (my favorite is the opera cake) and gateaux from La Provence. Three good options..and I
    think there are a few other bakeries listed. Also, Whole Foods in bedford can do a very decent cake.

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    1. re: Buddernut

      Nashoba Brook does more than the reported great bread?
      I've actually never been there.. I'll have to head over there some time soon.

      As to what happened with the need in question -- My father ended up getting a cake from Crown Bakery in Worcester. Personally, I thought it was so/so (cake was a bit dry) -- but then again, they're well known for their streusel, from what I've heard. The cake was pretty though!

    2. Mrs. Mack's Bakery & Restaurant on Grafton St. in Worcester, MA makes great cakes. You can see some of their work on their website at

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      1. re: Debbieag217

        We have had many a cake from Crown Bakery, no where near Acton. I have had Mrs. Mack's cookies.

      2. This is kind of along the same lines as the OP.

        Does anyone know of a cake place in Lowell that (i believe) has a German theme? Customers at my restaurant brought this cake in recently and it was amazing. They mentioned driving the 45 minutes to Lowell for no other reason than to get their cakes. Any help is much appreciated!

        1. There's an excellent bakery on Rt 38 in Tewksbury about 5-10 minutes from Lowell.