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Sep 19, 2008 02:11 PM

Lunch in Grand Rapids, MI

I am from the other side of the state, but will be in Grand Rapids next weekend for a short time and want to have lunch in the area. It will be my husband and I and our very well behaved 4 year old. Any suggestions for a can't miss spot?

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  1. Marie Catrib's! It's a sort of eco-friendly middle-eastern deli. Absolutely delicious, affordable food, in a wonderful environment. They aren't open Sunday, but if you're there Saturday, definitely give them a go. Their menu is online at their website:

    1. Which day(s) will you be lunching? Lots of places are only open for lunch during the week, not on weekends (including, unfortunately, my two favorites - Leo's and Bistro Bella Vita). Some are open for lunch only on Saturdays and not Sundays, while others do Sunday brunch.

      I like Rose's on Reed Lake a lot, as much for the delightful setting as the good food, and they're open seven days for lunch. It's a great place for lunch because their menu includes a lot of "light fare" items - wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, and the like. As its name implies, it's right on Reed Lake; they have a huge outdoor deck overlooking the lake for al fresco dining, weather permitting, and it's absolutely lovely. The view of boaters etc is a pleasure for adults and kids alike. It's on the east side of town.