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Sep 19, 2008 01:09 PM

where find carmel chicken soup mix in 5 towns

where can I find carmel/carmal chicken soup mix in jar in 5 towns or surrounding ares? do they make it anymore? if not, what is a good substitute?

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  1. Good luck. The stuff has disappeared from my area too (north of Boston), and a Google search turned up a blog entry complaining of the same in, I think, Maryland. Could be they've stopped making it, could be the depressed dollar makes it unprofitable to import it. Maybe it'll be back. will sell you Carmel soup *base*, though. Maybe that tastes similar. I also see Croyden House brand on Osem brand products are still available here & there. Frontier Coop has a vegetarian "chicken flavored" broth powder as well.

    1. i've been told that the carmel chicken and onion soup bases are due to be available sometime in october but one never knows till it shows up