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Sep 19, 2008 12:37 PM

Beer Tastings

Does anyone know of a bar/restaurant where they do beer tastings ( westside would be great)? My guy was supposed to go to a beer fest in San Diego this weekend and can't make it now. I was looking for some fun beer related activities in LA? Thought I saw something on Chowhound before, but couldn't find it... thanks!

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  1. Blue Palms in Hollywood. I think they have a sampling block. But they certainly have beers you can get (almost) nowhere else in town. It is a beer drinker's paradise. Check it out.

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      they have some good beers to try at the blue palms. but why would you serve saison on tap?if it even comes on tap im confused the beauty of saisons is the bottle conditioning. same goes for the bruery mad props for blue palms having their beer. they are a great up and coming brewery out of north oc that make great belgian ales! another thing that confuses me is the current selection maybe im a beer snob but falls coming id expect to see octoberfest beers, more ambers and brown ales.

      as far as beer tastings go on the westside im clueless...fathers office is always good for a beer though!

    2. The Kyoto Grand Hotel (formerly known as the New Otani Hotel) in Little Tokyo has a Beer Garden during summer.

      Father's Office has a daunting selection of beers. I like their Helms Avenue location.

      1. Even though the beer flights night is Thursday and not on the weekend, Boneyard Bistro in sherman oaks on Ventura Blvd. just east of Woodman has a very good selection, seen here:
        ps - the food is really good too!

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          1. I second the Blue Palms rec. I was in there recently and very impressed with their selection. They have flights and the owner was very helpful and informative about all of the beers. His name was Brian I think. I was talking to a guy in the bar who was a self proclaimed, "beer geek" and he told me that he takes the bus there every week and that the Blue Palms is a beer lovers dream... The food is pretty tasty too and although not on the Westside, the location is very central and right by the Hollywood/Vine stop on the red line. I bet if you asked the owner to tailor a tasting for you he would be more than happy.

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              I've only been to Blue Palms Brew House a couple of times and they have had a great selection of Craft Beers on tap when I was there! Chicken Wings (sampled each of the 3 kinds) were pretty good and we had both of the Burgers which were very good! I'll be glad when they finally start opening for lunch!