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Maldive Fish in Seattle?

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And here is another post seeking advice on retail South Asian obscura.

Maldive Fish is boiled, dried, smoked and hardened skipjack tuna, commonly used in Sri Lankan cooking. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maldive_... The wiki indicates it may be produced in a manner similar to the Japanese Katsuobushi; aka dried bonito.

I have seen an online source, but before I dip in, does anyone know where this might be found in the metro area? I tried last night at Apna Bazaar in Bellevue to no avail.


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  1. Hey equinoise, did you ever find Maldive fish in Seattle? I'm looking to make some Sri Lankan food, and am wondering if I can find it, or must substitute dried prawns or bonito. I'm not a fan of most of the dried prawns around here, but am open to your ever-helpful suggestions.


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      I was not able to obtain it locally (but it has been several years now since I tried). I ordered it online from this site: http://www.niwasa.com/grocery/en/mald...

      After cooking with the product I ordered, I think that bonito would be a better subsitute than dried prawns, which have a more distinct flavor.