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Sep 19, 2008 11:53 AM

Anniversary dinner in the South Bay

Coming up on my 6th wedding anniversary, and I'd like to take the wife somewhere we haven't been before. We usually don't like spending a huge amount of money for dinner, and we don't really drink, so I'd like to try and keep it around $100 for the total bill.

Can anyone make a suggestion on something nice in the South Bay (or even up to Santa Monica)? In the past we've been to places like Kincaids and Matisse or La Rive Gauche in Palos Verdes.

The wife usually prefers french or italian... I'll hold out for more ethnic fare for my birthday in a couple months.

My boss was suggesting The Little Door.

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  1. For a lovely view, delicious seafood, and great staff try Admiral Risty's in P.V. It is old school with all the sides included. They have awesome Cioppino, love the Halibut when in season, a baked potato with all the fixins. The bread is delicious too. Get a reservation at the corner table I think they call it the Library and go at sunset.

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      I wonder if you can help me recall a name of a place I went to in PV a long time ago, maybe like 1992. I recall very little about it other than that it was a French restaurant, somewhat large, dimly lit, and it was kinda set apart from other buildings in the area if I am right. The food was superb and I swear there must have been a busboy per table in that place. The moment something would run out he would rush over and replentish whatever it was. If a speck of food fell on the tablecloth, they would be using a table sweeper instantly. Can't believe I forgot the name.

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        Sounds like Admiral's but they are a seafood restaurant not French. They are on the coast at Hawthorne and PV Drive West. If you can give me a local that might help. The only French I can think of is La Rive Gauche, but there are other building and it is a smaller space.

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          I looked at pictures on their website, i don't think that's it. too small

    2. I like Cafe Pierre in Manhattan Beach for French/Italian food. I think you can get away with $100 without wine. I like their steak au poivre and their wild boar ragu parpadelle pasta.

      If you like Greek/Mediterranean food, I like Petros in Manhattan Beach as well.

      Petros Restaurant
      451 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

      317 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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        Like your suggestions of both Cafe-Pierre and Petros. Admiral Risty is stuck somewhere in time warp about 35 years ago....the food literally has not changed(or the method of preperation)in that long....great view, but food totally average and over-priced

        1. re: nyfoodjoe

          Thanks! I moved down from SF about a year ago and these are the two restaurants that I've enjoyed so far for a nicer dinner in the South Bay.

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            what about giorgios itlalian up in PV? nice small place, quiet atomshpere and some of the best itlian food in the south bay. or try christines.

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          Petros seems like a good idea. We've eaten at a bunch of places around there (Fuzion Sushi, Mama D's, whatever that restaurant was that was directly across from Petros but just turned into another sushi place, etc), but never there. Thanks for the recommendation.

        3. Has anyone been to the Bottle Inn recently? They used to do some excellent Italian.

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            I went back in April and thought it was very good -- I was about to suggest it. My friend who was a South Bay local for 20 years thinks it's the best Italian in the South Bay, and one of his favorite restaurants.

          2. Right next to Admiral's place in PV is Saluzzi. It's an Italian place with an incredible ocean view. Prices are between 20-35 or so for dinner. The food is good but not bind blowing. I think that the combination of good food, an AWESOME view, plus the fact that its an Italian makes the place a good pick.


            1. I would second the suggestion to skip the Admiral Risty. PV people (my in-laws) love it but the food is certainly average and over-priced. I will concede that the view is great though. How about Aimee's in Redondo Beach? It's French...I've been there twice and loved it both times.

              800 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277