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The Big 3-0

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Help! My bf is turning thirty and I'm trying to plan a surprise party for him while living in another city. I'm looking for a laid back bar for about 30 people in GV/EV/WV area (he lives just off Washington Sq). No food, just drinks. It would be a Saturday in November.

Last year we had the party at Von and had a great time, but they're a little expensive ($200/hr starting at 5pm even if you don't show up until 9!). I've contacted Vol de nuit and Otheroom, but haven't heard back yet. Luca Bar would be great, but they're only open until midnight.

Since it's a landmark birthday, something a little out of the ordinary might be nice. Has anyone been to a celebration at a bar that was memorable?

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  1. No thoughts? Okay, how about ideas for the birthday cake? My bf is an insane Star Wars fan, so maybe something fun. Are there any good bakeries that specialize in kids' cakes? If I could get a really tasty sheet cake I guess I could decorate it myself with Star Wars figurines (sorry, action figures). I'm hoping for something in the village (or someone who delivers) since I won't have a ton of time to run around the day of the party if I'm going to surprise him.