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Sep 19, 2008 11:14 AM

Rolling Rock Beer

Anyone know of a pub or L.C. that carries this product?

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  1. We've picked some up in Buffalo before but never seen it in Toronto.

    1. Rolling Rock is not available in Canada.

      However, since it's just another bland, generic lager brewed by a major brewing conglomerate (it's been owned by Anheuser-Busch since last year, and by InBev/Labatt for many years before that), distinctive only because it's in a retro-looking bottle, you should be able to find dozens of beers up here that are just as "good".

      Why not drink Steam Whistle? Similar bottle, but much better beer. And it's fresh and local!

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      1. re: gregclow

        Rolling Rock is a excellent light light and far better than Steam Whistle. It may be owned by a big company, but it is an independent brewery with a long history. The only comparable Canadian beer in style and quality is Labatt Classic, if it's still around. Before Interbrew, Labatt owned it directly and it was widely available in Toronto.

        1. re: evansl

          Sadly, RR has gone down hill badly in the last few years. It has been bound and sold and moved around so much that it doesn't even remotely resemble its original version.

          Worst of all, you can get pony bottles any more.

          1. re: evansl

            Couldn't agree more. I rode with bikers in Ohio back in the 60's when RR was a great brew and the beer of choice in Ohio and Penn. The 'waters of old Latrobe' must have gotten Coors, it lost its edge and just became another mass produced soda. The only big brewery in the states to maintain its taste, I.M.O. is Strohs.

        2. re: gregclow

          I'm a Canadian, I've had both beers many, many times. Rolling Rock is better. Infact Rolling Rock is one of my favourite beers of all time and I still cannot figure out why it isn't available in Southern Ontario, or Canada for that matter?

          1. re: gregclow

            Totally agree. Just came from Toronto and anyone who thinks Rolling Rock is even close needs to re-evaluate what they want in a beer.

          2. I'm always told Rolling Rock is an American beer to try as well.

            The Monarch where Caplansky's Deli is actually has a Rolling Rock light in the window, but definitely they don't sell it there :(

            1. I know what you mean Rolling Rock is an excellent beer - just watch the movie Deer Hunter and you'll want to slug back a few RRs before the end of the movie. Toronto bars actually sold RR for awhile about ten years ago in an attempt to explore the interest level up here - I guess there wasn't enough sold. I went for a tour of the brewery years ago in Latrobe, Pa. What do the numbers on the backside of the RR label represent?

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              1. re: jkmanosque

                The 33 on the back of the bottle refers to 1933, the year Prohibition was repealed in the US. When you grow up in western PA, that's the kind of beer lore you learn at daddy's knee.

                It's funny - I can all the Rolling Rock I want here in NYC, but the memory of the beer we drank while motorcycle trip through Nova Scotia back in the 80s still lingers: Schooner. Is it still around?

                1. re: Deenso

                  i went to school in the states and enjoy a rock when i get to the states. in my opinion rr is not a generic beer, it's better than that...i dont like steam whistle and havent seen a schooner out of the water in a long time...

                  1. re: ribboy

                    SInce the brand was sold it is no longer brewed at Latrobe, PA. RR was an ok beer of its type, probably better than a lot of light lagers, but with Anheuser-Bush now making it, it is a totally different beer. It's really just a brand name now rather than a beer of any real distinction. I agree that RR was once not a generic beer. It is one now.

              2. The best U.S, beer I've had from the LC lately is Anchor Steam from San Fran..has some nice hop bitterness.