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Sep 19, 2008 10:53 AM

Pls Help critique my WV wine/eat recs!

My husband and I are traveling to Willamette Valley for birthday celebration. We are flying into PDX on Fri am (11/7), driving to Black Walnut Inn, staying for two nights, and then making drive to see freinds in EUG and flying out of there Mon am. so, we can hit some vineyards on drive to hotel Fri, all day Sat, and sun, heading through Salem to Eug.

I have done research on this board for recs and woul dlove some help narrowing down my choices. we love pinot, which is a good thing, since it is pinot country! :) We love the more boutique wineries and places were we can find very high qaulity/hard to find wines that we cannot find at home--vineayrds that are extaordinarily pretty for the room or views, or rustic.intersting a plus!

Here is what I have: Carlton: Scoot Paul and Soter, Dundee/Newberg: Domaine Drouhin, Domaine Serene, Archery Summit, Torri Mor, Adelsheim, Bergstrom, Penner-Ash, Shea (cannot visit, unfortuantely--or Ken Wright, either), Sineann, Owen Roe, four Graces, Ponzi, and then Salem: St. Innocent, Cristom and Bethel Heights...input appreciated!

Also need some food help--both foodies from chicago. one night we are dining at Painted Lady, and th other we would love to do a harvest vineyard dinner--any ideas on this? Is such available? We did one at Hartford in RRV and had the best time.

also lunch spots/picinc goods/farmer's markets?

sunday night, considering dining at our hotel, the Execelsior Inn at the Italian restaurant, unless anyone has better suggestions.

thank you, thank you!

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  1. years ago, we ate at the Joel Palmer house. It is an historic farmhouse/restaurant; in the fall they had an all mushroom harvest menu and wine pairing. It was very good, but again, was at least 7 years ago, so I don't know if they have stood the test of time.

    1. You have a great itinerary planned. Our favorites are all on your winery list, save Eyrie Vineyards. Try to get there.

      We enjoy the Dundee Bistro and La Rambla for a late wine lunch. We hear great things about Bistro Maison. And the breakfasts at The Black Walnut Inn are fabulous.

      Have a great trip. I'm envious!

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        Greetings from Portland. For wineries I'd add Erath and drop Ponzi. Otherwise, a good list. Also search the Wine board for reports. Good thing you're a pinot fan!

        Joel Palmer and Painted Lady are fantastic ideas. Dundee Bistro not as fancy, maybe a good lunch spot.

        The filbert crop will be in, so make sure to drop by a farm or go to the farmers' ' market. Don't miss
        on Sat 8:30 am-2 pm. Named by Eating Well mag as among the top 5 markets nationwide.

        1. re: Leonardo

          Regarding Eyrie Winery: Owner David Lett will be interviewed on Splendid Table on public radio this weekend. He'll talk about grapes, wine, and Oregon!

          1. re: Leonardo

            Okay, we leave Friday and need to narrow down my vineyards a bit:

            Friday: Elk Cove, Scott Paul, Four Graces

            Sat: DD/DS/AS, and then Torri Mor, Adelsheim

            sun: Bergstrom, Penner Ash, and on to Salem:St Innocent, Cirstom, Bethel Heights

            Are any not worth the stop? any substitutions for best pinots/best views/tastings rooms or best in the know value pinots? thank you!

            also looking for a fun lunch stop Sun on drive to Eugene....

            finding dinner in Eugene sun is hard, too, as Belly and Bruno's chef's kitchen are both closed, and we do not want Marche or other american upscale rest with food we can get at home...

            thank you!

            1. re: Leonardo

              It must be an old interview because David Lett passed away a few weeks ago. Eyrie has been taken over by his son and they are still making beautiful wines.

              I would highly recommend Nick’s Italian Café. They have fantastic food a fun bar and pool table in the back. With Crush still going on you are sure to find many wine makers and vineyard crew having a glass of wine and a snack.

              1. re: Charles

                I heard the interview and it was with them both. Was not an old interview. He didn't sound good though. And he passed a few weeks later.

                Jpc: Portland Saturday Market has no produce, and the food is not good. That is why I mentioned Portland Farmers' Market. Open through 12/20.

        2. The Saturday Market in Partland is pretty cool. I know they have a lot of craft type things but I am not sure about fruits and vegetables and that sort of thing. I do know that they have a lot of prepared foods. The farmers market in Salem is small but it is very nice. I think the Salem farmers Market only runs through the end of October though.

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