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Sep 19, 2008 10:23 AM

Best Fast-Food Fries?

IMO - Swiss Chalet!

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    1. re: duckdown

      +1, if it's a swiss chalet restaurant. NOT the harvey's/swiss hybrid. Then you end up getting the harvey's fries and that is just wrong.

      1. re: mactabilis

        When I saw the topic, and while I was waiting for the thread to load, I started thinking about how I felt. I knew it wouldn't be McD's, BK, Harvey's, or Wendy's. I thought briefly about New York Fries, but then it came to me: Swiss Chalet. Imagine my surprise when that was the pick of the first three posts!

        1. re: Sinfulia

          Swiss Chalet. McD's are too thin.

          1. I like the waffle fries at Chick Fil A.

            1. A contradiction in terms.