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Sep 19, 2008 10:08 AM

Epoisses de Bourgogne Cheese

One of the foods we enjoyed in Dijon was Epoisses Cheese. They cal it the stinky cheese. Anyone know where to purchase it in South Florida or a good online source?

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  1. We also love it, but it's my understanding (and I could be mistaken) that you are not allowed to import it to the U.S. Anyone else know?

    1. Mortons Gourmet Market in Sarasota carries Berthaut epoisses. 250 gram wheel is about $17. They take on-line orders so I assume they ship, in the event you don't find a local source. Website is
      EDIT: As you probably know, it is very perishable, and it is not produced year around.

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        Thank you! I'll check it out.

        1. re: Veggo

          I checked the site. They didn't show it.
          Thanks anyway:)

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            I think the epoisse you find in France is a raw milk cheese, but what you can get in the States has been pasteurized.

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              joda, I'm acquainted with one of their capable cheese mongers, and I'll call her tomorrow and report back. Separate from the seasonality of production, Morton's stocks some of the high-end products only during high-season in Florida, which is a couple months away.
              We shall not be thwarted. It's the king of cheeses and I won't do without.

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                Thank You Veggo,
                Planning on having it Thanksgiving when son and family visit. You're the best!

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                  I spoke with Renee at Mortons ( she is a cheese mouse in training -Saji moved to Cali ). They have epoisses now, 21.99 (ouch) and she assured me they will have ample through the holidays. As far as shipping to you, they will do anything you want. 941-955-9856.
                  P.S. Last year I sent several as Christmas gifts and wrapped them in Saran and foil, and the packages still smelled like cheese! But they traveled just fine.

          2. Hi:

            We've moved this thread from the France board to the Florida board since you are looking for it in South Florida. For mail order sources, please post a new thread on the General Topics board.


            1. Not sure whether they carry Epoisses or not, but Epicure Market on Miami Beach at 16th & Alton generally has one of the best cheese selections in Miami. Also try Sunset Corners (wine shop) in South Miami - I haven't been to their store but they have sent cheeses over to our wine tastings and they've usually been great.

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              1. Well... go figure... I went shopping today at Wild Oats in South Beach (just south of Epicure on Alton) and I found 6 Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese available, for about $16 each, if memory serves me right. :-)

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                  Awesome! Now I have two reasons to visit South Beach stone crabs & Epoisses. We're only about 40 minutes north so that will work out wll.

                  1. re: joda

                    Stone crab! I'm counting down the days for my favorite food....25 days and the season opens!

                    1. re: joda

                      Guaranteed to have it at the Cheese Course in Weston plus a much wider selection than Epicure - plus if you are north jumping on the Sawgrass gets you to Weston much faster than South Beach

                      Bonus - super awesome sandwiches!