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Sep 19, 2008 08:56 AM

Special Occ Vodka

OK, I'm in for a second invitation for drinks/dinner and have yet to be able to reciprocate. My Irish guilt is making me bring something special to eleviate the pain of owing someone something. Our hostess has expressed a fancy for vodka but I don't have a clue what to bring that would be outstanding. Any suggestions?

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  1. Belvedere, Chopin and Grey Goose are all premium vodkas although, personally, I find little correlation between price and "quality." I've found the smoothest and most drinkable vodka to be the Polish potato vodka, Luksusowa at about $15 a bottle. Inexpensive and far milder than brands at three times the price.

    1. I'd suggest getting something from a small batch distillery. Likely your host will not have heard about it before and it will be more special that way. Some suggestions are Tito's Handmade and Hangar One. There a lots more out there, but those are the only two I can vouch for, don't drink much vodka.

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        Tito's is great. I used to be a Grey Goose drinker but switched because Tito's tastes better. It's also about $20 cheaper per 1.75 litre. Tanqueray also makes a very good vodka which is about midway in price between Tito's and GG.

      2. thanks for the help, leaning towards Tito's, I am familiar with Hangar One and Grey Goose, I was looking for something that would be special and sounds like Tito's it is....

        1. my favorite is Ciroc which is made from grapes - it is very smooth compared to other vodka's

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            I am familiar with Ciroc from my bartending days, I am also looking for a soy vodka that we used to pour as well.....

          2. One of my favorites is Ultimat. Beautiful bottle for gift-giving also. Their black cherry is also one of my favorites for infused vodkas (I like Hangar One's infusions also).


            Some others we really like and usually have in the home bar are Zyr, Stoli Gold, and a couple of the Estonian vodkas - Turi and Tall Blonde.

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              Yes, Ultimat is a very good vodka, But a $50 hostess gift is a tad over the top.

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                Umm....brands of vodka, like any other spirit, do not cost the same in every liquor store. You may have only seen it for $50 where you live (your bio says NH), but I used to buy it at the NH liquor store for much less. In fact, I just checked on-line and it's $37.99.