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Sep 19, 2008 08:25 AM

Indus Junction

Has anyone tried Indus Junction on Queen West? If so, please share your comments. I'm curious to know the spice level and authenticity of the fare. Also, typical crowd on a weekend.

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  1. I find the portions very small there. I also find dishes are frequently 'sold out'. Having said that the food is pretty good - although the menu is short too. Last time I went I found the quality good but the cost was a bit more than most places. The spicing wasn't particularlly hot and the dishes seemed prepared from scratch rather than just using a 1-size-fits-all sauce. But very slow service also didn't help. And the beer list wasn't accurate either.
    Not the best - but far from the worst.

    Haven't beeen on a weekend - but this is a small place so expect it to be crowded and relatively casual.

    1. I've eaten at Indus Junction several times since its in my neighborhood. Reason why I always go back is the prices are pretty decent. The portions do look small when they arrive, but once you start getting into it, its REALLY filling. For us two, we usually order two entree items to share and 1 appetizer, 2 naans and we're stuffed. I really enjoy the lamb chops and the salmon curry. Stay away from the cocktails, stick with the beer and lassi!

      1. oh yes - the crowd is typical queen st. 20-40 yrs. Out of habit, I usually call before to reserve a table, but when we get there, its pretty quiet. Never seen a line up.

        1. I went and left disappointed. Portions were small and mains did not arrive at the same time. The cut of meat for my date's sirloin steak vindaloo was tough and not at all spicy, although my spinach and onion stuffed chicken breast was pretty good (though unremarkable). Apps were only okay - we had the tikka trio and shrimp vindaloo. Again, the chicken they did well (but it's chicken...meh). Vindaloo, not so much.

          It was a cute little space, but not worth the $125 we dropped with the wine. I wouldn't go back.