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Sep 19, 2008 08:20 AM

Anything Worth While @ Exit 152 (RR/Austin)

I am helping a friend with a Haunt and need to waste some time until 8 tonight and thought I might have dinner up there, but I fear it's worse there than in my "Land of the Bland" neighborhood on 360.

Only thing I saw that at least is okay is Chuy's a couple of exits up. Is that my best bet?

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  1. AmySue,

    I'll assume you mean exit 252, which is RR 620, I think. Main Street Grill is nearby and quite good, as is Origami (liked it when I used to go several years ago), Louisiana Longhorn (I found kind of bland) and that puffy taco place that has been mentioned several times lately which I have not tried.

    About 2 exits south - La Frontera area - you will find Beluga (which I really like) and Tokyo Steakhouse which I've heard good things about.

    Other than those, it's chain restaurants BIG TIME that I know of.

    1. I know it's received some mixed reviews on the boards here, but we really like Chola Indian restaurant off exit 250. It's in the same shopping center as Home Depot and Walmart.

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        I've had a few clients from India and they say great things about Chola!

      2. Zorba's next door to Chola is also good. For a glass of wine and a brief hang out, best bet would be Main Street Grill. On Main Street (of course) in downtown Round Rock.

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        1. re: danoc

          Is Zorba's still there? I thought they closed quite a while ago. It used to be one of my favorites in RR.

        2. Thanks all! (yes, 252 - thanks Rene).

          1. best palces is gumbos,main st and zorbas,chola isnt very good sin ce it changed hands.