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Sep 19, 2008 07:45 AM

Clash of the Vietnamese (and Chinese) Titans (Tampa)

Not even Creative Loafing could decide between Yummy House and China Yuan in its best of the bay issue. I plan on visiting both and writing a comprehensive review with photos. I just posted a similar showdown review for Trang Viet Cuisine and Pho Quyen.

This comparison will be the first "culinary crawl" I'm planning, and while not as far reaching as a crawl down armenia of hillsborough, it will surely be interesting. It would valuable to have fans of both places suggest signature dishes from both places. For those of you whop have already contacted me about participating, I will let you know about dates asap--- I'm thinking early to mid October.

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  1. ooooooohhhh....count me in!

    1. And what the heck is with P.F. Chang's winning the readers' poll in the Chinese category?? How embarrassing for Tampa! A bland chain, when we have at least two independent stars (and maybe a rising third with ABC, judging from these boards, but I haven't made it there yet) here to choose from? Anyhow it's nice to see that our venerable chowhound Yuan v. Yummy debate has made the pages of Creative Loafing, and I look forward to hearing about your crawl, Andy, even though we all know your heart already belongs to China Yuan.

      1. I order a few things routinely at Yummy House...

        Yummy's is closed on Tuesdays, so when I'm in the area I'll pop in to Yuan----- and I've conducted my own 'soyvey' --- by ordering their version of the same things...

        I have my conclusions based on the duck, and other things I order--- but I've been too opinionated in a few of my posts so I'll lay-low with that...

        If a crawl involves volunteering hounds, I'm interested to try some of the dishes that sway folks in other directions...

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          Yeah me too - I am happy to volunteer to eat tasty things.

          In addition to the much-discussed salt and pepper tofu...
          Westlake Beef Soup
          Grouper and Chinese Greens
          Fried rice with duck and 'dried grapes' (i.e. raisins)
          Beef with bitter melon
          Scallops with lotus bulbs

        2. Delicious History is great, Andy! I only have two requests: links to take me back to the top of the page and an RSS feed option.


          1. Count me in along with my husband. He wasn't so much up for a crawl but is in for a "showdown" lol.