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Sep 19, 2008 07:39 AM

New Pub Coming to West Newton

R.J. Crowley’s in West Newton is going to re-open as a more modern-looking pub called The Local. Looks like they will be concentrating on locally-brewed beers and locally-grown food (hence the name).

I posted a story on this on my blog early this morning, but the full article can be found in today's Herald...

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  1. anyone know if this is open yet?

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    1. re: redbill

      Not yet. I drove by the other day and not much was going on. I heard it will open in November.

    2. This is very good to hear (that it will be something new and somewhat unique). Everything about that place was just so...tired. Good luck to them.

      1. Anyone heard anything more about this place? Is it open?

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        1. re: Ruprecht

          Just drove by and it looks like they're still in the set up stage. Lights are on and there were people sitting at the bar, but they didn't look like patrons. Maybe staff getting trained?

          1. re: alt11

            I walked by yesterday. There was a sign on the door saying they will be open for the first day of business on Tuesday, Nov 11.

          1. re: elarbe

            I didn't know that the place was owned by the CF Donovan's folks! ;-b

            1. re: elarbe

              Looks interesting, and the prices seem quite reasonable. It will be nice to have an alternative to Paddy's, which I think is pretty bad!

              1. re: elarbe

                We stopped in yesterday for a drink. Some of their cocktails sounded interesting, so I asked the bartender if she recommended a specific one. She said one with Hendricks gin, muddled cucumbers and simple lime syrup. (I don't remember the name). I got it, but it wasn't very good- and I do like Hendricks. I should have just returned it, but I thought maybe a splash of soda and some more lime would perk it up. It didn't. When she finally came back to see how I liked it and found out I didn't much, she said "Oh, well, we don't have the house-made lime syrup yet. It will probably be better with that". So why did she recommend it then??

                We weren't hungry enough to eat, but someone's seared tuna nearby looked good. The decor didn't seem that different from Crowleys.

                1. re: silver queen

                  That might have been me having the tuna. I've been twice and will go again. It's not perfect but with a little time to get some kinks out I'll enjoy this place a lot.

                  Baby Greens, soaked cherries, goat cheese, spiced nuts and port balsamic vinaigrette. I had it without the goat cheese, delicious, but over dressed.

                  Seared Tuna Sashimi, thai red curry vinaigrette and seaweed salad. Four slices of tuna, raw on the inside, seared on the outside, crusted in black sesame seeds. The whole piece was cold, like it was pre-seared and sitting on ice for while. It was tasty, but would have been better if made-to-order. The seaweed salad was good. I'd normally get tired of it but finished the whole serving.

                  Chicken wings, home made hot sauce & Ever's blue cheese dressing. An order of I think 12 wings served in a metal bucket. Piping hot, delicious sauce, spicy hot but not burning. I don't think they were deep fried because they weren't crisp. My only complaint was that of the 12 wings, only one was of the drumstick variety which I prefer.

                  Salmon, roasted garlic mashed bacon/mushroom salad, red wine sauce. I was asked how I wanted the salmon cooked, which I wasn't expecting but medium turned out good. The salmon was hot and delicious. It was served over a base of mashed potatoes with the mushroom bacon salad in between. The potatoes were good though not particularly garlicky. Maybe they were but the overwhelming flavor on the plate was of mushrooms and bacon. Great earthy meaty flavor, but probably better suited to beef or pork rather than salmon. I'm ordering salmon I would have liked some good for you veggie in shade of green.

                  Desserts aren't on the menu but the server read three choices to me. The warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream came served on a plate drizzled with caramel that really brought them together. The cake was warm but not molten (which is wasn't advertised as being). Nice chocolate flavor, moist and dense for cake. Good stuff. It also came with a blackberry, raspberry and sliced strawberry which were delicious but also sitting in the caramel which as a combination didn't work as well for me.