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Looking for a restaurant that serves up Turkey and Mashed Potatoes - Any suggestions?

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Hi, I love this website. I am looking for a restaurant in nyc that serves a great dish of turkey and mashed potatoes. Maybe a weird request, but I am taking a young lady to dinner and she mentioned that she loves turkey and mashed potatoes.

She also mentioned that she likes chicken (but she likes turkey more!). I tried searching for comfort food or southern restaurants but couldn't find anything.

I'd like to find a restaurant with a cool vibe and good food, nothing crazy. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Oh and I need to find (and make reservations) a place for dinner at 6:30pm. Thanks everyone...have a great weekend!


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  1. Thats very sweet of you! She is al ucky girl!

    All menu's you can see on manupages.com

    119 7th Ave at 17th St

    Chat n' Chew
    10 E 16th St Btwn Union Sq W & 5th Ave

    Friend of a Farmer
    77 Irving Plaza Btwn 18th & 19th St

    1. Thanks! Have a great weekend!

      1. I don't know about Cafeteria or Chat 'n' Chew, but Friend of Farmer does not have a cool vibe -- more like rustic farmhouse.

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          Ditto. Rustic farmhouse or having dinner at Grandma's house. When I went it seemed pretty empty for dinner, too. I guess it's more of a popular brunch destination.

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            Definitely ask to sit upstairs if you go.

          2. Cafeteria has a cool vibe. Chat & Chew is fun, but a bit retro. I would go with Cafeteria.

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              Ted's in midtown has terrific turkey and mashed potatoes

            2. WOODY MCHALES tavern on w14th (near 8th ave) currently has a turkey & mash special. i haven't had it, as it's a special, but it caught my eye. it's a nice place, you might try that them you want an inexpensive pub atmosphere.

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                Ted's Montana Grill..

              2. I love the "Thanksgiving dinner" at Good Enough to Eat (which is a great avoid the brunch lines place for dinner),but again it's a country farmhouse feeling and not the cool vibe of someplace like Cafeteria.