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Sep 19, 2008 06:52 AM

Rhum Clement should be its own category

Finally got a bottle of the Premiere Canne and the Creole Shrubb (I'm relatively new to the sophisticated liquor world). Wow, This is not rum, this is something completely different. I've tried Mount Gay's "sugar cane brandy" (has another name in the US), and while somewhat interesting, it doesn't compare to the Rhum Clement complex, cognac quality. I am excited to try their other offerings now. I imagine these other rhum agricoles have similar flavor profiles. In my opinion, these "rumgnacs" should have an even more distinct name. I balked when I first saw it for $30, thinking "$30 for white rum?" which is completely unfair once you taste it. Anybody else have similar feelings about these products?

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  1. Yes, barrel-aged rums/rhums area WHOLE different animal from "rum&coke" rums. Rhum Clement was the first rum of this type that I ever tasted and it was a revelation.

    The San Francisco Chronicle ran a nice article on barrel-aged rums 3-6 months ago. I posted a link to it here a while back. I will try to find it.

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      Here is the article from April. There are tasting notes on a dozen or so quality rums at the end.

    2. Martinique Rhum Agricole ARE a separate category. When we officially judge these rums they are judged separately. Their distinct name IS Rhum Agricole.

      Clement is excellent, I am friends with one of the family and just love them (the rums, and my friends.) Rhum JM from nearby is amazing as well, and there are a few other fantastic rhum agricoles from Martinique and other areas.

      1. Thank you for the comments. While I am a fan of barrel aged rums (currently have an Admiral Rodney, Pyrat, Mount Gay Extra Old, Don Abuelo and an Appleton), this one was so unique it completely caught me off guard. It's definitely not a day to day rum AS rum, but nevertheless meriting much further attention. JMF, thanks for the lead to Rhum JM, if I ever manage to find some I will buy it. I'll have to read your blog notes on it again. DavidT, I actually had that article saved from the last time you posted it. Many thanks then and now

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          I've lately been digging some of the Agricoles from Saint James. Somewhere online I found a blogger who swears that the world's best Mai Tai is made with 1 oz. of St. James Hors d'Age and 1 oz. Appleton Extra. I've tried his recipe but used the St. James Ambre and thought it was a solid mix.