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Sep 19, 2008 06:50 AM

Dinner at Toba - dissapointing

Last night a friend and I went for dinner at Toba. I know that a lot of people on this board like it (although most posts are brunch related).

The room itself is very nice and we liked the ambiance. We also noticed that the service was very friendly and attentive.

I started with the calamari salad which had a honey glaze on it. Unfortnately, this made the greens underneath very soggy and the calamari itself was like tire rubber, and the sauce too sweet.

My friend had the watermelon and feta salad which was very nice and light tasting-.

We both ordered the gnocchi with sausage for a main and my friend (who is Italian) said the sauce was dissapointing - very basic red sauce with some crumbled sausage in it. The gnocchi themselves were quite fresh and plump but this dish did not WOW me. I can make that kind of sauce at home.

When dessert came around, we were informed that 3 of the 5 listed were not available, but they were substituting two new desserts. None really appealed so we skipped dessert. We were pretty full from the gnocchi anyway (it was a decent sized portion).

Overall, I don't think I'll return for dinner. But at least now I can say I tried it.

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  1. I live just up the street from Toba, and it was the first restaurant the wife and I tried when we moved into the area a few years back. Great, friendly service, good wine list, and honest food, BUT recently, in the last year or so, the quality has really gone down hill. It's almost as if Tony needs to re-invent the place, put a different spin on it. Last time we went, we really enjoyed the watermelon/feta app, but I did find the squid over done. The winelist still does it for me, though - different stuff, good stuff.