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Sep 19, 2008 06:40 AM

Hi there! meeting a group for drinks after work, we are in our late 30's early 40s and Grand Central seems to be the most common meeting ground. Any place nearby, or inside where we can enjoy good drinks, and hear some conversation? thank you!


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  1. most certainly. grand central itself has MICHEAL JORDANS, CIPRIANI & CAMPBELL APARTMENT. all are tailor-made for this type of get together. personally, i lean toward MJ's or CAMPBELL APT. the former is right inside grand central (as is CIPRIANI) and the latter in a side room of grand central that also sprawls to outdoor seating.

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      they probalby both get just as crowded right after work - do Campbell and MJ's both have lots of bar-space/seating?

      1. re: curls

        Campbell Apartment is more of a cocktail lounge. They have lots of comfy couches and such, as well as a second floor. I've never been right after work, though.

    2. how about the oyste bar inside grand central? i've never been but i've heard it's pretty good.....

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      1. re: lrbarbie

        The Saloon at the Oyster Bar is a favorite of mine. It can get crowded around 5-6:00 but then clears out. The volume is usually manageable there. Used to be better, and sometimes they err in what's on the music machine but can be persuaded to turn it down.

      2. DEFINITELY beer bar. Right outside on cafe centro. Nice outside place. 200 Park (45th Street)

        You can also try Leia. 230 Park Avenue

        MJ's and Cipriani also have tables outside you can sit at.

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