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Closest & best BBQ - Plano

I know I can search the boards for this, but Plano BBQ had over 6 pages of posts. I now know I can get good Chinese or Indian BBQ, but that's not what I want. I am going to be in Plano for a get together with about 20 people from all over the country. We are looking to go for 2 dinners, 1 barbeque, 1 Tex-mex. What would you say is the best place to accomodate this size group and have better than decent BBQ, and not be too far a drive? We are staying at the Marriott by Legacy Town Centre. The 2 places that were suggested were Sonny Bryans and Dickeys. From my initial search, it seems that Sonny Bryans would be a better choice, but I can't believe that I can come to Texas and find fewer places than in NYC.
I think we had decided on Mia Cucina for Tex-Mex, but open to all suggestions on that too.

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  1. Spring Creek BBQ serves pretty good bbq for a chain...better than Dickeys and SB for sure....... It's close to you (about 3 or 4 miles north on Preston Road), and could handle the 20 or so people you'd have in your group.

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      I would go north a few miles and eat at Randy Whites. The bbq is good, and you get some local flavor with Randy and his huge display of Dallas Cowboy memorabilia.

      It is also close to Randy's home, and he is at the restaurant frequently.

      Plenty of room for a crowd.

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          Further to your request for BBQ in Dallas. I'm a devotee of Central (Austin area) Texas BBQ. It's the best in the USA.
          I'm not a fan of Dallas area BBQ. However, I Think the best BBQ in Dallas is at Baker's Ribs. Greenville Avenue location only! And, as at all BBQ restaurants, one should go ONLY during normal lunch or dinner times. Never in between.

        2. I have never been to Randy White's, but so far that sounds like the best choice since you get atmosphere too. I think Dickeys is awful, and I'm not impressed with Spring Creek either. I do like Sonny Bryans, the food is a lot better than the prior two.

          Do you mean Mi Cocina? It's not bad, but way overpriced and not what I'd make my one tex-mex stop as an out-of-towner. You should go to a hole in the wall type place for good Mexican food. I don't know the north Plano area very well so I don't have a recommendation for you, sorry.

          1. Mi Cocina is more of a place to be seen than actually serving good food. It's generic Mexican at best. There are several much better places in and around Plano
            1) http://www.apariciosinplano.com/displ...
            2) La Hacienda Ranch. Owned by the same group as Mi Cocina but generally better food and more tourist flavor http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?...
            3)Manny's http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?...
            Old School Tex Mex
            4) Mattito's new in Frisco good food and drink

            Randy Whites http://www.randywhitesbbq.com/ while not the best BBQ around it's pretty good for Dallas and it does have the Cowboy stuff aroiund.

            Better tasting in Plano is Ricky Ray's but I don't know about taking a big crowd. I would think that Randy White's is a better choice. There are many better places in Ft. Worth but Dallas is really not the place for great BBQ.

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              I agree with Aparicio's in Plano. Good for a large group. If authentic-ish mexican/tex-mex holds value for you, moreso than decor and spending money, they go there.

              I haven't been to Randy White's, I've heard good and bad. It's got to be at least as good as the chains (you'd hope). Plus, most women probably wouldn't know the difference anyway. Best BBQ in Plano will be Kelly's Eastside, but they're too small for 20.

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                OK, luniz, when should I tell you that I am a woman and I am a KCBS certified barbeque judge? However, I agree with you about most of the women, and the men who will be there too, although don't forget that there will be 5 of us from NY, so other than the fact that we will feel like this is the cheapest meal we have ever eaten, we know good food.

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                  Ah yes if it's a nice night then Kelly's would be the bomb. Their bbq is probably the best around Plano and their other food is also quite good. Very friendly neighborhood bar setting. I would call ahead for twenty.

              2. IMO, there is no really good BBQ in Plano, but the meat is better (especially the ribs) at Sonny's, and sides at Dickeys...Mi Cocina is trashed by this board, but I am a native Texan, and I really don't get it...Have no idea what they are ordering..The food is delicious....

                1. One other thought. There is a brand new Rudy's off the tollway in Frisco (near pizza hut park). I still think Randy White's is a good choice, you get local flavor with decent BBQ.

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                    Yes to Rudy's. Visit without fail. Great BBQ and authentic Texas atmosphere.
                    Mi Cocina is good, but Mattitos in Frisco is even better. On Main Street, just East of the Tollway.

                  2. Dickey's has the best BBQ in Plano ONLY if you go to the right one.
                    The Dickey's in East Plano on 14th is the oldest BBQ in Plano
                    (and supposedly the 2nd Dickeys ever). The other Dickey's can't begin
                    to compare to this one!
                    I've had excellent ribs at Spring Creek BBQ and I've also had very bad ribs there,
                    so they don't get my vote.

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                      Just thought I would report back on our opinion. We ended up at Sonny Bryan's, and even though we are women, we all thought it was a pretty poor excuse for Texas BBQ. The ribs were dry and not very meaty, the pulled pork was mushy, and the brisket was only fair at best. For sides I had cole slaw, which wasn't great either, and beans, which were also not the kind I like. I'll have them from the can any day. The rolls they came around with were great though.
                      For Tex-mex we went to Hacienda Ranch, which everyone enjoyed. A great bargain for those of us from New York too.
                      However, we had absolutely the greatest time in Dallas. Had lunch on Saturday, then breakfast again on Sunday, at Manhattan Bread Baking Co, which was terrific. 2 of the women arrived at the hotel a little earlier, and found cakeballs at one of the bakeries. That is what we hear we really missed. They ran out and said they are special order.

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                        Robin - could/would you expound on Manhattan Bread Baking Co? The way it reads, MBBC is in Dallas? I haven't heard of it and can't find anything from my usual internet haunts, but I'm intrigued.

                        Oh, so sorry you selected Sonny Bryan's. Originally, both Sonny Bryans and Dickeys were family owned and produced pretty decent bbq. THEN! both began to sell franchise locations and the rest - as they say - is (really bad) history.......

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                          I am really sorry, I somehow thought that was the name, but I don't know how I made that up, because it is the Main Street Bread Baking Company. It is in Legacy Town Centre in Plano. Unfortunately we did not try any of the others there, and there were many.

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                            Ah gotcha! The original Main Street is in Grapevine on..... Main Street. And I live in GV, so am much too familiar with it's goodness. The breakfast crepes are phenomenal!

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                              Rudy's BBQ in Frisco is GREAT !!!! I know it is a chain, however this was the first time we dined at the Frisco location. Amazing Moist Brisket and Jalapeno Sausage. The best BBQ in the Dallas area by far. After eating here, I don't think I'll be going back to Dickie's or Sonny Bryan's.

                              Ricky Ray's BBQ in Plano is also good-more East Texas style BBQ.

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                                Yes, Rudy's is definitely a step up compared to Sonny Bryan's, probably about on par with Ricky Ray's.

                                If I have a craving, I'll make a trip out to Fort Worth for Angelo's or Railhead is definitely worth it. Pretty depressing getting some good BBQ requires minimum 1 hour drive.

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                                  I agree with you :) In the Austin/Hill Country area there is literally a great BBQ joint about every 10 miles. It is BBQ Heaven-best place in the world to get your BBQ fix. In DFW, it is a feat to find good BBQ. I was really impressed with the Frisco Rudy's location. I'll have to try Angelo's or The Railhead sometime when in Tarrant County-I've heard great things about The Railhead before.