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Sep 19, 2008 05:07 AM

Visiting Volcano, Hawaii -need great lunch spot

to meet friends for reunion-group of five. Can be anywhere near Volcano town or Hilo side.

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  1. There are a couple of places to eat in the Volcano House (the hotel in the park). Unfortunately the food is in about the same condition as the hotel - sadly in need of repair.

    In Volcano village a couple of miles on the Hilo side of the park entrance (Old Volcano Highway) you will find a few options:

    1. Lava Rock Cafe: food is fair, ambiance is low, prices are good. Burgers, Chili, Plate lunch kind of food.

    2. Thai Thai (I think thats the name) surprisingly good Thai food in a small restaurant in front of the hardware store.

    3. Keawe Kitchen: Best known for their pizzas, but also great sandwiches and other fare. If you want to stay in the Volano area, this would be my first pick.

    Kilauea Lodge, also in Volcano Village, has really good food, but is only open for dinner.

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      I basically agree with KaimukiMan but would pick Thai Thai over Keawe kitchen, which I thought was a bit overpriced. (though the food was good). Then again, I am not a pizza fan....

      1. re: susancinsf

        just read some older posts, including my own, and realized that unless things have changed Thai Thai may not be open for lunch. Which leaves Keawe Kitchen as an obvious pick, if true. Does anyone have an update?

        Thai Thai Restaurant
        19 4084 Volcano Rd, Volcano, HI

        1. re: susancinsf

          i just did a quick web search, looks like it is only open for dinner.

    2. Hilo side you've got a lot more options. Cafe Pesto is my favorite. Around Volcano, everything is overpriced, but Kiawe Kitchen at least has reasonably good food.

      1. Hilo Bay Cafe near Wal-Mart...ambiance is better than you'd expect for its location. Menu includes some thoughtful dishes and there's a nice bar. After lunch, you can go next store and get some Chinese rice cake, bok tong go.

        Hana Hou Restaurant in Na'alehu. I like it a lot because they serve home cooked meals on mismatched plates and have gyotaku prints decorating the place. When you walk in, there's a huge case of homemade pies. Very casual cozy place. (If you go there, don't forget to pick up some Na'alehu sweet bread from the bakery along the way).

        Nori's in Hilo, the old stand by...for local food, especially Japanese style local food. People love the chocolate mochi, I don't like it too much. I love the ahi loco moco.

        Thai Thai is also good, I worked there for a little while years ago.