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seeking loaf of brioche?

A friend is treating me to Little Pearl caviar this weekend (I'm so excited), and I'm looking to get a good loaf of brioche. Somerville is preferred, but I can drive around.

I've checked the new Soleil cafe and south end's flour, both of which have brioche-with-pastry-goodness added, but that won't do for the salty eggy fishy.

(sadly, I do not yet love blini, and I am too darn picky (even at my own attempts) regarding swedish pancakes.)

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  1. Iggy's has fabulous brioche rolls, they may well have loaves, give them a call.

    130 Fawcett St, Cambridge, MA

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    1. re: GretchenS

      Iggy's does do brioche loaves some times.

      Yi Soon also does a lighter (not so eggy) brioche like bread for very reasonable $.

      Yi Soon Bakery
      112 Brighton Ave
      Allston, MA 02134
      (617) 254-3099

    2. I like the brioche from Russo's in Watertown. It's tasty.

      1. On Saturdays at the Union Square farmer's market B&R sells a pretty good brioche loaf. So buttery that it makes paper bags translucent. in other words...quality!

        1. Sel De La Terre does a good one. But B & R would be incredible. Clear Flour has them on weekends. (they are listed under Pastry on their site.)

          1. Clear Flour makes an excellent briache loaf. I picked one up last weekend and had spectacular french toast.

            1. hi-rise in cambridge has what i think is the best brioche. pricey, but worth it. you can even get a half loaf.

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                Don't you love places that sell half loaves? I do.

                I walked to the North End to get a B & R ciabatta on Wednesday and they even sell half loaves of that. Perfect for a single, small family or someone who loves to try a couple of different breads. Now with 2 B & R addicts living here, I bought the whole thing but if I lived closer, I would buy a half at a time.

                Who else sells half loaves?

                1. re: BostonZest

                  I'm with you. Freezing and wasting bread really sucks.

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                    Clear Flour sells half-loaves of their bigger breads - the pullman loaves of pain de mie, the big rustic Italian loaf, I think the Vollkornbrot and maybe some of the ryes.

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                        Formaggio Kitchen sometimes has brioche -- I mean the one in Cambridge, but the south End location may also.

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                    Hey enh,

                    As an aside, since you're a Joy of Cooking fan, I'll add that the JoC brioche recipe is actually pretty easy and forgiving if you have a stand mixer. When I have the time, this is my favorite way to go.

                    Also second recs for Iggy's and Hi-Rise. Although I love Clear Flour in general, I'm not so crazy about their brioche.

                  2. Obviously, this is past when you would like Brioche, but a good place to get bread in the Cambridge/Somerville area during the Summer/Fall is at Harvard University on Tuesdays. They have the Farmer's Market in front of the Science Center (near the fire station) which usually has at least two bread-only stalls with plenty of choices.