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Sep 18, 2008 09:25 PM

Whatever happened to...Tony's on 45th?

Back in college days (aboout 13 years ago) a friend and I met every other week or so at a place called Tony's, it was on 45th, right up the block from an old high school. Tony's was a tiny place, in an old house with maybe a dozen table tops. It was an Italian place, though I hate to call it that because it was so much more. He served some amazing handmade pasta dishes, local, fresh indredients, etc. My favorites were his Ligurian pasta and fazzoleta di seta (not sure if the spelling is right on that), eggplant fingers with roasted red pepper and olive tapenade, and his little oranges (arborio rice around fontina, breaded and fried). I never had anything there that was less than divine. Anyone else remember the place or know what happened to Tony? I moved out of the area about 8 years ago and when we came back later looking for the place, Tony's was no more. I ate there too many times to think I dreamed it. But a place that good still haunts my dreams.

Anyone else have a favorite, that alas, is no more?

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  1. Never heard of Tony's, but I really miss Seattle Catch in Fremont. Always great seafood at a good price. Maybe the former owners will read this, and take over the old Loki space on 45th.

    1. Tony went back to New York in the summer of 1997 for a vacation and never came back. I've missed it a lot.