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Sep 18, 2008 08:54 PM

Do you know the way to San Jose?: Amazing and cheap Costa Rican food

I just had a truly fantastic Costa Rican meal at Restaurante Donde Luis in Trenton, NJ. The fish ceviche for $8.50 had the right blend of fish, lemon, red onion, and cilantro. A little of the chili sauce gave it a nice zing. Then I had the house specialty sopa marinera (seafood soup with rice), a bargain at $11.95. The soup had a beautiful medley of muscles, octopus, fish, lobster, and crab, and an incredible flavor. I can only guess at the ingredients in the broth base-yummy! Luis came out and introduced himself to see if we were happy with the food. The decor is basic; the food is authentic, delicious, and cheap. The address is 346 Emory Street and Division; telephone is 609-456-3454.

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  1. Adding to this thread - Inexpensive Costa Rican Restaurant
    The Banderas
    41 Park Avenue
    Summit NJ 07901

    This is located Off Broad Street - Right on Orchard - Left on Park
    Certainly not gourmet dining but they offer Costa Rican and Columbian Dishes.
    They have counter service and about 10 tables in an informal dining room
    Plenty of parking and kind people!

    Enyucados - Yuca filled with Ground Beef - AMAZING! Deep fried happiness 3.00
    Empanadas - Very Good 2.00
    Rice Black Beans and Egg - Very Good 4.50

    They offer full meals as well.
    Casado - Rice - Black Bean - Fried Plantains - Egg - Salad - Steak or Pork 10.75

    Lots of other inexpensive choices and quick bites.
    No web site