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Sep 18, 2008 07:53 PM

Brew pubs and tapas

My husband and I will be in Boston the last week in October. We'll be staying in the North End,Beacon Hill and/or Back Bay area(s). We are lovers of brew pubs with excellent hand-crafted beers. Also looking for tapas restaurants in these areas. Any suggestions?

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  1. I can address the brewpub request: Cambridge Brewing Co in Kendall Sq. Cambridge is highly regarded in the local beer community. Another brewpub worth a visit might be John Harvards in Harvard Sq. Not a fan of Beer Works or Rock Bottom.

    You may want to visit some beer bars too: Deep Ellum, Redbones, Cambridge Common, and Publick House do a good job and are worth the ride on the MBTA from where you are staying.

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    1. re: PaulB

      I'll second all recommendations from PB.

      1. re: PaulB

        Been to Rock Bottom in other cities. And i think Beer Works.

        Deep Ellum-is that owned by people for Dallas? And the MBTA, is it easy to use/convenient?

        1. re: clovis

          One of the (fantatstic) owners has spent time in Dallas/Deep Ellum in its' heyday, hence the name. Laid-back vibe, and nice beer and food to boot. We haven't been to the new patio, but I heard it's nice (maybe a bit chilly now, but that won't deter us hardy Bostonians).

          Not too many brewpubs in town. As suggested above, beer bars might be the way to go (several good ones are listed above).

      2. Here are a few places for tapas. Back Bay: Tapeo; Brookline: Taberna De Haro; Brighton: Tasca; Southend: Masa, Toro, Estragon; Cambridge: Dali.