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Sep 18, 2008 07:47 PM

Plano casual dessert

Impromptu trip to Plano due to hurricane Ike. The people with whom I'll be travelling need some theraputic dessert. Any old posts that someone would kindly bump up or make some suggestions here? Thanks :)

I will be travelling with kids and adults.

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  1. The Corner Bakery has yummy desserts. There are two in Plano. Central Market also has some yummy goods and there is an area there to sit and eat. Whole Foods also has a large bakery and they, too, have an area where you can sit and eat.

    Then there is ice cream - Braum's (two in Plano), and Paciugo's on Preston for Gelati. Sometimes Hot Fudge hits the spot. :-)

    1. Bread Winners on Preston close to Spring Creek...Excellent cakes, pies, well as full menu....Another suggestion, if you are here during the day, is Celebrity Bakery, that has seating, on Preston and Parker...Another suggestion, though I cannot imagine just getting dessert there and not pizza, would be Fireside Pies, which is the Dallas North Tollway and Legacy...A lot of people have never tried their desserts, ( too full from pizza), and there are only a couple or three of them, but they are very, very me! Fireside Pies does not open until, I think, 5:30 PM...

      1. I would go take a nice walk at the Shops of Legacy There are several dessert places there. It's great to just take a walk and decide what you want to eat.

        1. Bonnie Ruth's @ DNT & Lebonon. They have the best desserts around. Plus on Tuesday nights it is half price desserts and a free glass of wine for the ladies!

          1. Fishmonger's at 75 and Park has wonderful bread pudding.