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Sep 18, 2008 07:43 PM

Namaste Cafe in Minneapolis

I have driven by this cute place called Namaste Cafe on Hennapin Ave. It is adorable and there are always people sitting outside. Has anyone eaten there and if so what is your favorite dish. We are going to try it out tomorrow night. Thanks!

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    1. very good eggplant curry thing, get the rice pudding, everything is good........let us know
      what you got

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        I went to Namaste with my husband and his sister last week and it was wonderful. I got the almond curry dish with chicken, hubby got a sweet and spicy lamb dish and sister got a squash curry with bison. e also got an appetizer of these crisps with s couple of different sauces drizzled over them, it was delicious! We also had the chai tea which was very good but kept me up all night! I will definitely be going back to this place!