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Sep 18, 2008 07:36 PM

Sunday Morning Breakfast in Charlotte (Not Brunch)

I see that there are two Original Pancake Houses in Charlotte. Are they decent, or over-priced and not worth the trip. I have experience with Walker Bros. in Chicago, which is kind of the gold standard for a breakfast house. Is there anywhere in Charlotte (more North and West than East and South) worth of trip? It doesn't have to be upscale. Is John's Country Kitchen open on Sunday? Where else? Need something in the 7 Am to 9 Am timeframe.

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  1. The OPH, is OK, not great. I find CLT is lacking in good breakfast restos. And the one on South Blvd. is closed.

    John's is not open on Sundays. Ever since Anderson's closed, I'm not happy with what's out there. Skyland and Landmark are 24 hr. diners. Good at 3 AM when you need to sober up, not so much any other time.

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      doesn't Eddie's Place or Hotel Charlotte do breakfast, or just brunch? anyone?

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        oh and Big Daddys Burger Bar on East Blvd now does breakfast. I haven't had it so can't comment. Not sure if it's your traditional diner style though.

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          Yes, Eddie's is great for breakfast - forgot about them. Hotel Charlotte serves brunch.

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        1. Just across the street from Johns is Zada Janes...breakfast all day long. I have enjoyed it every time I have eaten there. It can be a bit of a wait, but if the weather is good,you can play shuffleboard outside while you wait. Great people watching and food can be slow coming out of the kitchen. Great place, but don't go if you are pressed for time. Check out their website to get the menu. Around the corner is Sammy's deli that does a more traditional breakfast, but it is served on paper plates and you go to the counter,order your food and wait for your name to be called. Working man/womans place to eat, but open on Sundays!

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            Sam at Novas and one and all:
            Thanks for all the tips. I had forgotten about Zadajanes. My sister owns a house near though (though she doesn't live in it) and I had promised to take her out for breakfast sometime. And Eddie's and Hotel Charlotte sound good too.
            However, I had decided not to drive in to the big city, and, because it was more on our way, I went to a place in Davidson called Egg at Davidson Cafe. I found this place not here (I sheepishly admit) but on Citysearch. I figured, with Egg in the name of the restaurant, how could they go wrong?
            Let me count the ways. I've cooked my share of omelets, but I've always liked the upscale saute pan omelet, not the downscale griddle omelet (it comes out square as it's folded into a package). Egg at Davidson serves the griddle-style omelet, with the shoeleather consistency. My mother ordered Eggs Benedict (I should have warned her, but I like to let her make her own mistakes) and I could see from across the room that the Hollandaise was the kind that comes out of a mix (Knorr is the Mercedes-Benz of Hollandaise mix makers). It had that lumpy dull sheen to it; not the gleam of real homemade Hollandaise.
            The kicker was the hash browns. They had the taste and character of nicely browned shredded cardboard. There was not a speck of grease, shortening, butter, whatsoever.
            Now I will give them their due: the orange juice really did taste fresh-squeezed. I don't mean fresh-squeezed as in squeezed that morning, on the premises, but fresh-squeezed like you can buy, i.e., not from concentrate. If I'm ever in the area, and want a glass of fresh-squeezed tasting orange juice, I'll go back.
            Again, thanks, one and all.