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Sep 18, 2008 06:39 PM

In Philly for 1/2 marathon this Saturday - Italian for 6?

Need yummy Italian for 6, cab ride or walking distance from Juniper/Market. Thanks!

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  1. There's a place called Pietros, on Walnut at 18th. If your goal is convenient carbo-loading, i think that's your best bet. Easy walk, good food, big portions. I'm not going to say it's the best Italian in the city. But it is tasty.
    If your goal is more focused on the food, or even food and wine, and less on carbo-loading, you might consider a cab down into south philly. i like tre scalini, although i've not been there since it moved. actually a pretty easy subway ride, if you don't feel like taking a cab.

    1. Are you looking for someplace casual or fancy and what price range? Are you looking for something really special or just your basic Italian standards? There are a lot of choices for Italian in Philly.

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        Close-and-acceptable is Maggiano's, a Chicago-based chain, and with huge portions. For better quality food, I'd go with Pietro's for Center City and moderate.

      2. If you're looking to load up on carbs, I suggest Maggiano's, about a block away. It is a chain, but very popular and pleasant. I would call for a reservation.

        1. For serious carbo-loading or an Italian American red gravy fix, I'd go to Villa D'Roma on 9th street between Christian and Washington, in the middle of the Italian Market. It is a little over a mile from the Marriott which is where I assume you are staying (Market/Juniper). Walk or cab, but you'll likely have to call from the restaurant if you want a pick up without walking part way. Further south is Tre Scalini (previously mentioned) or Mr Martino's, both on East Passyunk Avenue about anouth 1/2 mile south of Villa D'Roma. To be fair, some folks would recommend Ralph's, a block closer to Market on 9th Street than Villa D Roma, but I prefer Villa, hands down. Both Ralph's and Villa are cash only.

          1. So where did you go and how did you do in the race?